Get Fire Restoration Results with AdvantaClean

Fires and other disasters are unexpected, with many Suwanee homeowners unprepared for the fallout. When cleaning up after a fire, you should have skilled technicians to help with end-to-end services. AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford features IICRC-certified professionals with the experience to return your property to pre-fire condition. 

There are several significant reasons to call a fire damage restoration company in Suwanee after you experience a fire. These include:

  • Soot and Smoke Odor Removal – Soot covers many surfaces and contents in a home after a fire, making removing it challenging. Smoke odors also linger, sometimes for years, without the right processes to eliminate them. All the cracks and crevices where soot and residues can travel can make breathing the air inside your home unhealthy.

  • Unforeseen Damages – Secondary damage is commonplace in water and fire emergencies, so you need trained restoration technicians. Degradation of building materials and contents can come from moisture damage and mold growth, pitting, etching, discoloration, and more. 

  • Structural Issues – While it may seem as though everything is intact after a fire, structural damage could pose a safety threat. Without taking care of this immediately, everyone on your property could be at risk of hazards. 

Hiring fire damage cleanup professionals from AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford will give you all the support necessary to return your Suwanee property to pre-damage condition. The faster we act, the quicker we can help you return to everyday life without lingering reminders of the fire. 

The Fire Mitigation Process

The faster our crew can arrive at your home to begin fire, smoke, and soot removal and restoration, the better your results and the lower the claim costs. We can be onsite and ready to work within hours of your initial call, including the following services:

  • Extensive Cleanup – Once your property has smoke and fire damage, our team addresses all charred debris to remove everything that is not salvageable. We also begin fire damage cleanup for the ceilings, woodwork, walls, carpeting, and other surfaces impacted. The team determines the extent of the damage, then selects specialized equipment and cleaning agents to restore and protect surfaces and building materials.

  • Contents Cleaning – Any restorable contents in impacted areas of your home get professionally restored and deodorized. This may involve furnishings, upholstery, area rugs, draperies, and personal belongings. We use dry or wet cleaning methods, immersion techniques, abrasion cleaning, and various techniques to restore items versus you having to deem everything a total loss. 

  • Odor Control – Fires bring potent malodors that vary depending on the materials burned during the blaze. Our team features technicians with training to eliminate foul odors that would otherwise get lingering reminders of the fire. We may use ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, ozone equipment, hydroxyl generators, or odor-counteractant products to help achieve our goals. 

Things Not to Do

There are several things we suggest our customers do NOT do after a fire. This includes:

  • No touching, cleaning, or moving anything until we can get there for a thorough assessment. 

  • No washing of painted surfaces, walls, upholstery, or carpeting.

  • No using any electrical appliances or light fixtures that may have been impacted by heat, flames, or soot. 

  • No consuming packaged or canned foods or beverages within the fire-impacted areas.

  • No turning on fans or your HVAC system. 

We Have Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs Covered

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford is available 24 hours daily for emergency restoration calls. You can reach our offices located at 3050 Business Park Dr. NW, Unit D, by calling (470) 819-2070, and we will send out our crew as quickly as possible. 

Never leave anything to chance after encountering fire damage in your Suwanee property. Calling AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford gets you the fast, efficient results you need to enjoy life as usual again.

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