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Did Your Property Flood?

Flooding and other water damage can be sudden, wreaking havoc on your property. If left untreated, the excess water can cause health hazards and create structural damage. Immediate action to initiate water damage cleanup is necessary to save you both money and worry. Whether the culprit is a broken pipe, a faulty household appliance, an overloaded washing machine, sewage back up, or simply rainwater, a house flood can be devastating – and when it comes time to fix water damage, it can be costly.

Opt for AdvantaClean for quality water damage restoration service, ensuring an effective and cost-efficient service. We use cutting-edge technology and non-invasive methods to find the cause of flooding and fix it at the root of the problem. Our technicians have in-depth understanding and experience assessing water damage, creating customized solutions, and completing the restoration service. AdvantaClean's team of adept professionals arrives promptly, fully equipped, and swiftly accomplishes water damage repair tasks with efficiency. With our national training facility, we take pride in leading the industry with top-notch services and a commitment to excellence.

Protect Yourself from Water Damage

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported over $3 million in loss dollars paid in the United States. Property owners are often blindsided by the cost of water damage restoration. To protect yourself, it is important to understand how your home becomes susceptible to flooding.

Common Causes for Indoor Flooding:

  • Broken or Burst Pipe
  • Clogged Rain Gutters
  • Poor Drainage or Sewage Backup
  • Faulty Washing Machine Hose
  • Roof Leak
  • Natural Disasters

If left untreated, the excess water can damage your property and negatively impact your health. Things like dust mites, mold, and bacteria all thrive in warm, humid areas. If you do encounter a storm or a busted pipe, call our water damage experts immediately. We are available around the clock to help you with everything from water removal and mitigation to drying services and repairs.

No matter where you live, natural disasters can strike and cause serious damage to homes and buildings, including water damage. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms are some of the most common natural disasters that can cause flooding and the need for water damage repair. Homes and businesses not properly dried and cleaned after the incident can increase the likelihood of mold growing in and under the building. AdvantaClean is on your side, joining forces to ensure the aftermath of any storm doesn't turn your property's situation from bad to worse. Emergency water damage restoration is a critical service we offer, as it enables us to preserve more of your property effectively. We're on call 24/7 with emergency services because nature doesn't follow a schedule — but rest assured, we've got your back no matter when disaster strikes.

Water damage restoration

Stop Leaks Before They Become a Major Problem

Our water damage company boasts a team of skilled technicians who are well-versed in detecting and addressing water leaks. However, it's essential for every homeowner to understand the process, as even the slightest indication of a water problem can escalate into a significant issue if left unnoticed.

Various areas in your home are susceptible to leaks, including toilets, tubs, showerheads, sink faucets, roofing, and piping connected to a water source. Seemingly minor issues, such as running toilets, can result in substantial water wastage and unpleasant surprises when your water bill arrives. Despite a small leak appearing insignificant for immediate repair or an insurance claim, it has the potential to cause long-term problems such as mold damage and material degradation. We recommend thorough inspections of your home and the surrounding area, paying attention to leaks around appliances connected to water sources, p-traps or pipe joints, supply line corrosion to fixtures or appliances, stains under supply line connections, broken or damaged toilet tank flappers, as well as any signs of discolored or warped flooring, ceiling, or wall water stains. By being vigilant and proactive, homeowners can prevent these issues from escalating into more extensive and costly problems.

Flood Damage and Water Restoration - Am I Covered With Insurance?

Water damage resulting from water that has touched the ground before infiltrating a residence is classified as flood damage, typically not included in standard homeowner's insurance policies. Water flood damage can be insured only with a flood insurance policy written by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) — no other insurance will cover flood damage. NFIP is available through your insurance company or local Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) office. Their web site is also an excellent resource for additional information about water floods, including preparedness, statistics and disaster support services.

Experience the AdvantaClean Difference

We understand dealing with water damage can be a stressful situation, especially when you have other things to worry about. From the initial clean up to surveying the damage and creating lasting solutions, we handle it all. Our team takes the time to understand your worries and addresses all your concerns.

When it comes to your home or business, don’t compromise your standards, our services are backed by over 25 years of industry-leading experience. At AdvantaClean, our goal is simple – provide the ultimate customer experience. Our team strives to exceed expectations and provide lasting results. We understand you have a lot to deal with and try to help you take a load off by offering exceptional services. We keep water out from where it does not belong!

Experience the AdvantaClean Difference

Dealing with water damage can be a stressful situation, especially when other concerns weigh on your mind. At AdvantaClean, we understand this, and we're here to handle every aspect of the process, from the initial water extraction to surveying the damage and creating lasting solutions. Our dedicated team takes the time to comprehend your worries and address all your concerns.

With 30 years of industry-leading experience, AdvantaClean is committed to providing exceptional services for your home or business. Our mission is crystal clear - to deliver the ultimate customer experience, treating your belongings like they are our very own. We aim to surpass expectations and deliver lasting results, recognizing the challenges you face and easing your burden with exceptional services. Count on us to keep water where it belongs.

Acting quickly after water intrusion is crucial to mitigating damage, and AdvantaClean excels in resolving issues through expert evaluation and strategic response. Our goals are to restore your home to its pre-loss condition. 

Various aspects of water damage restoration require expert input, whether it's relocating items to access standing water or dismantling a wall section to reach damp insulation. AdvantaClean deploys a team of skilled technicians capable of concurrently addressing multiple restoration tasks with tools and equipment designed to up efficiency. A prime

example is the utilization of vacuum extractors, significantly reducing the time required to extract stagnant water and desiccate damp spaces compared to traditional methods like mopping and natural ventilation.

AdvantaClean takes care of every aspect, from damage assessment to executing a restoration plan that arrests water damage and returns your home to normal.

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