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Are you dealing with an emergency or disaster? Death in the family? Moving? No matter the scenario, we are here to help. AdvantaClean offers pack-out and inventory services for jobs, both big and small. We understand that these items are not just things, but cherished possessions that hold your memories- and will we care for your belongings as we would care for our grandma’s china.

Pack-Out & Inventory

Our trained professionals will carefully document, photograph and inventory all of your personal belongings, while safely packing them away until you need them again.   Removing your personal items from your home prevents further damage, while also creating a higher probability of restoring the items. It also creates a safer environment for building restoration and renovation.

First, we will identify items that are and are not salvageable. By doing so, we can help to advise on restoration needed when looking at items like walls, windows and floors. We will also create a detailed report for both you and your insurance-carrier for reference when evaluating items for damage and loss. Our services include, but are not limited to packing, cleaning and storing furniture, window treatments, electronics, appliances, clothing, personal items and files and documents.

  • Specialized packing materials
  • Detailed tracking and inventory lists
  • Thoroughly trained specialists
  • Insurance reports available

Storage & Retrieval

We can store all of your personal items as long as you like. They can be moved offsite to a climate-controlled warehouse or left onsite during the restoration process. Once the restoration is complete, or you are ready to have your items returned to the home, we will assist you in moving your items back to their rightful place.

  • Storage and transportation
  • Re-staging of furniture in the home
  • Content restoration for salvageable items

Why Choose AdvantaClean

With our customer satisfaction in mind, we have created a proven process that will ensure the care and safety of your items. From packing to inventory and safe transportation, we ensure your belongings (big and small) are given the utmost care while in our possession. As local community members, our goal is to be available to all those who need our help, and we’ll go the extra mile to get you back on your feet. Let AdvantaClean make the difficult times just a little bit easier. 

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