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Since 1994 the professional teams at AdvantaClean franchises across the nation have been providing their neighbors with the kind of sanitizing process that goes far beyond an ordinary cleaning you could accomplish on your own. Whether it’s the latest coronavirus threat or any other airborne or surface-based toxin, our sanitization professionals know how to take any interior space to the next level of clean — AdvantaClean!

Covid containment areaThe Difference

When you do a routine cleaning of your home, office or other indoor space, are you following the strict protocols for sanitation laid out by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and your state and local governments? Are you using the kinds of cleaning agents recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Sanitation Foundation? If you are, that’s impressive! But even then, are you trained in wearing all the proper personal protective gear required for the job, and can you honestly say that you actually cleaned every horizontal and vertical surface, not to mention the nooks and crannies throughout your living and working spaces? If you’re not completely sure about the level of sanitization where you live and work, then your residential or commercial property might be partially clean, but it’s not AdvantaClean.

Our Protocols

We have a strict set of protocols developed based on the guidelines from the CDC. Our team uses and receives training with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for exposure mitigation. This PPE includes: OSHA standard respiratory equipment, Disposable full body coveralls and no skin exposed requirements. We use a Zone barrier model to mitigate secondary contamination and follow a strict set of procedures when decontaminating an area.

    • Step 1: HEPA Vacuum Area - vacuuming all soft surfaces
    • Step 2: Fogging the Area - using high-grade CDC/EPA approved disinfectants
    • Step 3: Microfiber Wipe - on all linear surfaces using CDC/EPA approved disinfectant
    • Step 4: Final Fogging - second fogging of all areas that have been wiped down
    • Step 5: Disposal of all PPE and Decontamination of personnel

Taking Our Service to the Next Level

Beyond the great people we’ve selectively hired, trained and entrusted to provide these essential services, why is AdvantaClean the next level of clean? Our process goes beyond a simple spray-and-wipe system.

  • Sealing and safely fogging the entire interior space
  • Scheduling to minimize the impact on your family activities or critical business operations
  • Taking the time to walk you through our process

We understand that these are hard-earned dollars that you’re investing to get to the next level of clean, and we demonstrate our commitment to our customers by not leaving your home or office until you’re completely satisfied with the crucial sanitization services we’ve provided.

Worried about the cost? Let us give you a free estimate and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable a professional COVID-19 AdvantaClean solution can be.

Don't Wait, Sanitize Today

Our teams are standing by to serve you — help is only a call or click away! We look forward to protecting your home, business, or other interior space from COVID-19 and other toxins. Still not convinced we’re the best in the business? Don’t take our word for it. Take a few minutes to read our reviews from people like you across the country, then get in touch with us to get things rolling right away. We’re proud of our reputation as a professional, reliable and affordable service provider — other companies will promise you a clean and safe environment, and of course you can always do it yourself. But we promise that your living and working spaces wont get to the next level of clean until they’re AdvantaClean!

Why Choose AdvantaClean

When you trust your locally-owned AdvantaClean franchise with your interior spaces, you’re making a proactive investment in the health and safety of your loved ones, your coworkers, and your customers — not to mention yourself!

When we’re on the job, we get to work immediately:

  • Highly-trained teams of sanitization professionals
  • Specialized equipment and disinfecting agents to eliminate every toxic microbial threats
  • Attention to detail and passionate work ethic to sanitize all of your surfaces

There’s “DIY clean,” and there’s “other company clean.” Then there’s AdvantaClean, which means we clean everything so that you’ll have total confidence that COVID-19 and other pathogens have been completely destroyed. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your AdvantaClean crew hasn’t cross-contaminated your surfaces by the accidental transfer of a toxic microbe from one spot to another. We’re too meticulous for that kind of mistake! After all, this is your safety we’re talking about. We treat our neighbors with the same level of precision and discipline that we would use for our own families.

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For the safety and protection of your employees, customers and their families reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

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