Ranking Norcross Fire Remediation Companies

Because your recent crisis may be your first experience with the destruction caused by a home or commercial fire, you might feel overwhelmed by both the damage and the urgency to select the best fire damage restorer. Confidently handing over the reins to one of the available Norcross fire remediation companies in the aftermath of a household or commercial blaze requires you as a property owner to feel comfortable that you have chosen well among the alternatives. What types of things should you seek when comparing companies? Here are a few hints to help determine what mitigation and remediation interventions are critical for the successful firm to offer:

● Top-notch remediators prepare by arranging the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for technicians in a wide range of specialties for water, fire, microbial, and malodor recovery

● The most efficacious companies proceed no further until they conduct a thorough initial assessment of all circumstances, including safety hazards and the extent and intensity of the damage done by flames, heat, smoke, and soot

● Once the initial assessment completes, the preferred restoration company must directly control for various safety issues, including:

● Securing the premises, which might involve tarping or boarding up exterior damage

● Identifying compromised structures weakened by the heat or charring of the flames

● Inspecting for firefighting water damage, including trapped fluids in building cavities that might threaten collapse (above ceilings, behind walls)

Erecting signage and barriers to keep workers and occupants from entering hazardous areas or treading on weakened surfaces

● Shutting off one or more utilities to prevent electric shock, water incursion, or heating fuel leakage and spread

● Considering and implementing controlled demolition to release fluids or remove irreparably damaged building materials 

Fire Damage Mitigation Steps After Assessment

After the inspection for hazards and institution of safety controls, high-quality Norcross fire remediation companies like AdvantaClean dispatch crews to begin mitigation strategies to halt the ongoing harm of the contaminant-laden mix of chemical extinguishing agents, water, smoke, and soot. Necessary actions can look like:

● Donning personal protective equipment (PPE) for the safety of technicians and preventing the spread of corrosive residues

● Pumping and truck-mounted extraction of the Category 3 water

Erecting of containment workspaces, wrapping with heavy-duty polyethylene, and installing negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to reduce airborne soot particles and take charge of malodors

● Determining the types of soot soiling your home or business surfaces and matching the soot to appropriate cleaning products, tools, and strategies (taught in IICRC courses)

● Implementing the cleaning protocols determined to be most effective, manipulating agitation, dwell time, heat, and cleaning agents as needed based on the teachings of the IICRC and the experience of the technicians

● Focusing on persistent fire damage reminders that linger after water, debris, and charring removal, especially staining and malodors

● Following advanced strategies for odor and stain elimination, including the trained, expert use of the following option in the search for odor neutralization and stain removal:

● Oxidation techniques

● Hydroxyl generators

Enzyme treatments

● pH adjustment

● Sealants

Better Than Other Norcross Fire Remediation Companies

Our fire remediation technicians have the requisite IICRC certifications, and our parallel expertise in water and storm damage and fire aftermath ensures we are ready for the wide-ranging nature of home or business recovery in the wake of a blaze. 

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford stands out in the field of Norcross fire remediation companies because of our extensive training, resources, and personalized commitment to each and every customer’s project. Contact us during your time of need at (470) 819-2070 for a rapid, compassionate, and professional response.

Choose among Norcross fire remediation companies with care, ensuring the winning contractor possesses the skills and experience to transform the devastation of a household or commercial blaze into a clean, dry, odor-free, and sanitized condition. It makes sense to hire one contractor to manage the multifaceted needs, and we are confident in handling the complicated challenges.

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