Nobody enjoys getting sick or having to do business in unclean environments. Part of creating an excellent experience for your employees and customers is ensuring that you provide them with a place that they can be confident is clean and sanitary. Kyle Mustin - Ellis County Coronavirus Sanitization 25.jpgThe last thing you want for a new customer or employee is to form a poor first impression from an unclean facility. Your reputation is too important to lose or damage with carelessness. Implementing a suitable sanitization protocol at your place of business is a great way to keep your customers and employees healthy and happy.

Warning – Germs Ahead!

An unsanitized workplace can be detrimental to your business overall. Did you know that a single sneeze can spray droplets of bacteria and viruses as far as 3 feet? Commonly touched surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs can harbor thousands of germs and bacteria, creating health hazards. Furthermore, spaces that aren’t regularly cleaned can receive a buildup of dust and dirt which can hold allergens and cause respiratory problems for your customers and employees.

Without regular sanitization, infectious viruses such as COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold can be transmitted through surfaces to humans, sometimes causing illnesses. There are real health hazards to not taking efforts seriously to maintain a high sanitization standard. Outlining a protocol for keeping your workplace sanitized can help your customers and employees be safer and more productive.

What Does a Sanitization Protocol Look Like?

A good sanitation protocol is more complicated than applying a little soap and water to tabletops. Instead, an effective protocol means cleaning and disinfecting all kinds of commonly used surfaces. These surfaces include keyboards, doorknobs, desks, light switches, and other areas that people often encounter.

A strategy like this should also consider how to approach surfaces that already have been, or are believed to have been, contaminated with any kind of infectious virus. If it’s been less than 24 hours since a sick person was present in a space, it is recommended that the area be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

In the case of exposure, you need to ensure that your protocol includes the use of special tools such as the required personal protective equipment (PPE), a fogger, and the correct disinfectants. A fogger can be an effective tool for a process like this because it uses moisture to pull the virus particles out of the air and down onto surfaces, where the proper cleaning materials can more easily dispatch them.

Finally, your protocol could also include methods of assisting your customers to contribute to the sanitization of the environment, such as by providing hand sanitizer.

Can I Use a Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Plan?

Theoretically, it is possible to tackle the execution of your company’s in-depth sanitization protocol on your own. However, you will quickly run into difficulties. First, you need to acquire the right disinfecting products for your situation, and you need enough of them to clean your entire business or office location.

One place to find approved cleaning products is the EPA List provided by the environmental protection agency (EPA). You would also need to purchase the right tools, such as a fogger, and thoroughly understand how to use them appropriately. Furthermore, many consumer-level tools break down when faced with commercial-level tasks.Kyle Mustin - Ellis County Coronavirus Sanitization 7.jpgThe scale of the requirements is just too big for many companies and their cleaning crews. The question is, does your organization (focused on serving your customers and building growth) have the time to focus on all of this? If not, turning to an expert commercial cleaning company such as AdvantaClean may be the answer.

Get Professional Sanitization Services for Your Business

AdvantaClean offers commercial sanitization and disinfection services fine-tuned to meet the specific recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We ensure that we sanitize your commercial environment effectively, based on current best practices endorsed by the government.

You can divide our sanitization services into two main categories: preventative and decontamination. Our preventive service focuses on areas with no known exposure to infectious pathogens but aims to prevent contamination. It includes the sanitization of commonly used areas in your business.

With our decontamination service, we use a fogger equipped with EPA-approved disinfecting products that takedown airborne contaminants. This service also provides all the sanitization and disinfecting procedures included in the Preventative process.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of cleaning protocols that have been vetted by hygienists from around the country, schedule an appointment today!

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