While everyone loves to recite the old saying about April showers and May flowers, the truth is that they can also bring water and storm damage to your home or business. If you reside in one of the areas prone to rising waters or flooding, you may be required by your lending institution to have separate flood insurance coverage. Water damage can be a nuisance whether it comes from a spring or summer rainstorm, so you must be prepared. 

Protecting Your Property

Two leading causes for insurance claims of property damage will involve wind and hail or water damage and freezing. From studies coming out of the Insurance Information Institute between 2014 to 2018, the average claims were as follows:

  • $11,200 – wind and hail
  • $10,849 – water damage and freezing

As the transition from winter into spring begins, there is a threat of immense rainwater or snowmelt damage, and the risk of flooding becomes higher than average. If you have ever faced seasonal water issues threatening your property, you know how stressful it can be. The good news is that you can prevent some damage  by staying up to date with regular maintenance and always having the name of a trusted restoration team ready should an emergency water event occur.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Flood Damage

Once spring storms begin to wreak havoc in your area, you can lower the chances of the storm and flood damage or the need to file an insurance claim:

  • Early Preparation – Take a look at all gutters and downspouts to ensure they are clean. This clear passage allows rainwater to flow freely rather than starting to pool inside or up against your building. 


  • Yard Considerations – As rainwater comes, see where it starts to collect around your exterior. Consider having the lawn graded or installing a French drain to redirect water if necessary. The shape of your flower and garden beds or the yard's slope may also contribute to significant water issues.


  • Inspect the Foundation – Be mindful that flood water can seep into cracks in your foundation. When this occurs, it becomes an open invitation for water issues. Without proper detection and repair, it can bring on serious problems. Always inspect your foundation exterior, basement floors, and walls regularly. Should you notice small cracks, have them filled in or contact professionals to address any moisture that may have infiltrated. 

Should you experience a flooding emergency, keep these tips in mind:

  • Call professionals for water mitigation and cleanup.
  • Shut off all circuit breakers to wet areas to avoid electric shock.
  • Carefully begin blotting or mopping up excess water. 
  • Raise contents and furniture off of the saturated flooring, if possible to do so safely.
  • Do not turn on ceiling fans or fixtures if ceilings are sagging from retained water or a leaking roof.

Contact AdvantaClean for Storm Damage and Water Restoration

Moisture control and flooding can be stressful when spring storms come through the area. Professionals with training and equipment should always handle restoration to ensure the job gets done right the first time. AdvantaClean handles flooded crawl spaces, basements, and interiors with speed, effectiveness, and the utmost care. We are an IICRC-certified company, taking the time to reduce your downtime, costs, and loss of property and contents whenever possible. 

Hiring trusted water damage restoration is critical for addressing spring storms and floods to restore your property safely and efficiently. Our team will assess the damage and formulate a customized restoration plan to provide end-to-end services. We are here to rectify your water damage, remove any contamination, and dry all materials so mold will not develop. 

Call AdvantaClean for 24/7 emergency water damage cleanup to get you back to normal after powerful spring storms.

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