They’re the two words that every homeowner shudders to hear, or to even think about: water damage. (Feel that shiver up your spine? Echhh, we do too!) But do you know the signs of water damage? Even if you think you do, we recommend taking a quick read here to make sure that you’re looking for the right things in the right places. Water damage is bad enough, but when it goes unnoticed, it only gets worse by the day and it can lead to all kinds of other problems like mold and other health and safety issues for you, your family and your home.

  • Use your eyes.
    Duh, right? We’re not trying to insult you here, but we’re just giving you a friendly reminder to carefully look across all the surfaces on the inside and outside of your home. Water damage can start in many of the places that you don’t normally look, like high corners or even just the ceilings themselves. (Have you ever noticed a spot that you swear was never there, but is really just left over from that time you dropped a can of paint or spaghetti sauce years ago? ...Yep, we have too!) Ceilings are obviously going to be some of the easiest places to spot water damage because the paint or finish will have a different color and texture. You might also notice small bulges in the surface that will indicate moisture has soaked in and is collecting behind the paint. So take a half an hour and do a thorough inspection of your entire home: every room, every wall, every floor. Also don’t forget to carefully check around your windows and door frames for any leaks. On the outside of your home after the next hard rain, check to see if water is collecting by your home’s foundation. Proper drainage is essential to maintaining the foundation of your home for the long haul. Consult with a professional if you find any issues here.
  • Use your feet and hands.
    While you’re at it on your walk-through home inspection, if your floors have an unusual feel when you walk across them, this could be an indication that you have some water damage underneath. Some laminate floors can even give a little squish depending on the underlayment and how much water has collected. It’s never a good feeling to discover this kind of thing, but take heart that at least you’re finding it now before it’s sat there for weeks or months! If any of your floor panels start to warp or bend, or if you notice some of the joints are coming apart from each other, this could be a sign that water has gotten into the material and made it expand. If your floors are sagging in a certain spot, this is also a sign that you may have a hidden leak that will require further investigation. Surfaces with water damage will feel damp, of course, but even a different texture on walls in certain spots can be an indication of water damage.

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  • Use your nose.
    If you’re not gifted with a super-sniffer, ask a friend whose nose is more highly attuned to musty, moldy scents. Bribe them with a cup of coffee or their favorite treat and have them alk through your entire home from top to bottom. If you and/or they are brave enough, it’s a good idea to also peek up in the attic with a flashlight to see if there are any visible signs of water leaks or any suspicious odors. Your home can harbor all kinds of nasty contaminants in the top floor, and it’s so easy to forget about it when you only go up there once in a never! But it’s essential for your home’s health and value, so muster your courage and poke your head up for a quick inspection. Then get yourself a favorite treat while you’re at it -- you’ve earned it!
  • Use your connections.
    If you’re not sure about any spots, call a friend or family member who has more homeowner experience than you. If you don’t know any handy folks with the latest equipment and certifications for water damage restoration, then allow us to recommend a company known for being the leader in water damage services since 1994. It’s called AdvantaClean, and would you look at that? You’re already on our website! So give us a call or submit your contact information now and a world-class water damage restoration team will be in touch with you right away. We’ve got all the tools and training that make your water damage worries turn into relief. And the best part is that we won’t break the bank to do it! We look forward to serving you and your family.

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