Water damage is a nightmare that everyone who owns a home or business never wants to have. We’d all rather avoid a life where water makes a mess, whether it’s a small spill or a full-blown flood. But the reality in life, as we all know, is that humans are imperfect and we can’t control everything, no matter how hard we try. So when water damage happens, you need a team of certified specialists who know how to make water mitigation happen quickly and effectively, and who truly care about you. But before you hire a company like AdvantaClean to perform these critical services for you, let us show you what the water mitigation process entails.

  • First, when you reach out to your locally-owned AdvantaClean service provider, a representative will dispatch the first available response team to your property for an initial inspection and assessment. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night your water damage happens, or what day of the year -- we’re always ready to serve. Our response crew will arrive at your property when promised, determine how serious the problem actually is, and estimate how many people, supplies and time will be required for the water mitigation process. They will explain to you an initial rough cost estimate and a projected timeline for removing the water and restoring your property to its original state before the damage. Because water mitigation can sometimes take unexpected turns if we find additional damage, be prepared for your initial cost estimate and timelines to vary. Our goal is to make it as fast and affordable as possible, but we also want to make sure that things are done the right way the first time so you will only have to see us once.

  • Next, we get right to work with the water removal process. This might involve moving some of your furniture, appliances or other items in the house. We might also have to remove your carpet to ensure your subfloor gets fully dried out. The equipment we use will depend on the severity of the water damage, but generally speaking we’ll bring in high-powered vacuums and blowers to suction and air-dry away the moisture in your floors, walls and any fixtures that have been impacted. This can take anywhere from several hours to several days or more, again depending on how serious the water issues are. We know you’ll want to get things back in order right away, but sometimes in order to ensure that the job is done right, our blowers and dehumidifiers will need an extended period to complete the drying process. We don’t stop until we’re sure that every drop is gone.

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  • While all of this is going on, we’ll also gather your insurance information and begin to assist you with making coordinations with your insurance company. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you because we know how stressful of an ordeal water damage can be. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you in the loop as we communicate with your insurer. Our goal is to help make your claim go smoothly so you can keep your focus where it should be: on yourself and your loved ones.

  • While work is taking place, we’ll also help you decide what can be salvaged and what should be replaced. This will depend on a variety of factors, including the amount of time and cost it would take to properly dry out and reinstall your carpet, for example, versus just replacing it.

  • Once the drying process is complete, we clean and sanitize every square inch of the affected areas to ensure that any and all mold or other contaminants have been totally eliminated. We also apply a powerful antimicrobial solution to ensure that spores and toxins won’t develop after the restoration process is finally done. We make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work and then we restore your home or office to its original state by reinstalling your carpet, placing your cleaned and dried furniture back into place, and all materials like drywall, flooring and paint are completely restored. Throughout the process, we keep in constant contact with you about our progress and the refined cost estimates and ETA for completion -- we strive for you to have complete peace of mind.

Our highly trained water mitigation technicians here at AdvantaClean have the best equipment and they work harder than any other company you’ll find in the market today. Since 1994, we’ve been the most trusted name in water mitigation and water damage restoration. Our reviews prove that we’re not making this up! We’re proud of how well we take care of our customers. For every water mitigation need, don’t turn anywhere other than your locally-owned AdvantaClean!

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