Hospital duct cleaning costs and justifying the ROI can be a complex task for a healthcare engineer. Hospitals are always juggling the competing priorities of which maintenance, renovation, or expansion options are the right moves to make. Unfortunately, cleaning the air ducts of a hospital's HVAC system can be viewed as a reactive maintenance item.

Risk Control and Hospital Duct Cleaning Costs

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Hospital duct cleaning is commonly viewed as a reactive maintenance item. An issue in the air ducts is identified by either a complaint or, worse yet, a potential link to a hospital acquired infection, which prompts response.

Unfortunately, reactive maintenance that causes an urgent air duct cleaning typically involves additional services to reduce risk, including sensitivity of the patients.

When considering hospital duct cleaning costs, considering any reactive maintenance disruptions that have or could occur - i.e. costs of rerouting patients, staff disruptions, or liability of hospital acquired infections airborne in the HVAC system. Most importantly, include any lost revenue potential due to shut down operating rooms while reactive maintenance objectives are being completed.

Hospital Duct Cleaning Costs: How to Calculate ROI

Hospital duct cleaning costs should be accounted for in a facility's O&M Management plan as a pro-active maintenance action that prevents disruptions in the daily operation of a hospital.

Reduces risk of liability claims from patients. Accidental exposure to environmental/airborne pathogens can result in adverse patient outcomes and cause illness among health-care staff members, as well. This is why certain regulations and standards should be followed by NADCA certified specialists who perform HVAC cleaning in hospitals.

Minimize business and patient disruption. By incorporating hospital duct cleaning as a proactive maintenance priority, hospitals can work with a NADCA certified commercial duct cleaning company to strategically complete the project.

Lower production costs, boost productivity. According to ASHRAE, proactive HVAC cleaning and maintenance can save $40,000 in energy savings per year.

More info? Know the requirements and general maintenance standards specifically for performing HVAC Cleaning in Hospitals.

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