The differences between HVAC system cleaning procedures in hospitals vs. other facilities are due to several factors. Most importantly, guidelines to prevent health risks associated with critical care environments should primarily target occupant health and safety.

HVAC Cleaning in Hospitals:
Occupant safety

Accidental exposure to environmental/airborne pathogens can result in adverse patient outcomes and cause illness among health-care staff members, as well. This is why certain regulations and standards should be followed by NADCA certified specialists who perform HVAC cleaning in hospitals.

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Did you know? Environmental/airborne pathogens (e.g., Aspergillus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and varicella-zoster virus) are especially high in Emergency rooms/ reception areas.

HVAC Cleaning in Hospitals:
Risk Control

Requirements demand very high quantities of outside air along with significant treatment of this ventilation air, including cooling, dehumidifying, reheating, humidifying and filtration. Below are general maintenance standards specifically for performing HVAC cleaning in hospitals.


Pressure Control: Room pressure control in the building is an important factor to monitor in a hospital. Building pressure can become negative due to clogged filters or slow supply fans that allow dirty air in, and increase humidity - which promotes mold growth.

Cross Movement: Critical care facilities must restrict air movement between multiple departments. Accurate control of temperature/humidity requirements for specific areas has to be maintained during HVAC cleaning in hospitals.

Proper Ventilation: Ventilation/filtration procedures to minimize contaminants (i.e. odor, airborne pathogens, and hazardous substances) are crucial to protect the indoor air quality.

Contaminate exhaust: Reducing contaminants exiting rooms should be accomplished by keeping these rooms under negative pressure, while air is exhausted through high efficiency particulate air HEPA filters.

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