Mold Cleanup is Necessary for Several Areas

Misformation is one of the greatest enemies of managing mold removal in your home or business. You need to know how easily your home can allow mold growth to occur and where you can expect it to appear. While colonies could form in nearly any room of your residence, certain areas are more prone to this damage by being more sensitive to water damage or contending with moisture threats more often. Dunwoody homes like yours can see mold in the attic, the kitchen, the bathroom, and other spaces facing persistent dampness.

Think Mold Might Be Threatening Your Home?

A suspicion of needing mold removal in Dunwoody homes might be enough to reach out to remediation professionals like our AdvantaClean team to help. However, if you need conclusive evidence that expert assessment and potential testing are in your future, there are certain signs you can find in your house to indicate damage, such as:

  • You can see irregular spots on materials like drywall

  • You have areas of the home you cannot keep dry

  • You notice strong, musty smells in specific locations of your house

These signals alone might not tell you the whole story, or at least not advise you as widespread as these colonies have become. While industrial hygienists can perform detailed testing, we have experienced professionals to conduct mold inspection services for your home to better understand conditions and the impact on hosting materials. We can help confirm the presence of microbial colonies and begin forming the needed strategy to remove them.

Where Is Mold Removal Needed?

Certain areas of your house are more likely to experience microbial growth and mildew damage than others. While water disasters can impact any room of your residence, certain portions meet a continuous barrage of moisture threats or can become compromised by damaged structures in less-trafficked areas of your home. Mold can be likely in:

  • Attics 

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

Mold Damage Remediation Solutions 

The belief that mold dissipates naturally is part of the battle of misinformation. Given enough time, colonies will dry out, and materials will return to normal without direct intervention from remediation professionals. The truth is that when mold damage exceeds ten square feet in surface area, you need professional removal services. Depending on the severity of the infestation, several removal practices might be necessary:

  • Surface Cleaning 

This is the initial process we perform to remove mold and surface fungi. Using chlorine-based cleaners and potent sporicidal agents, we can destroy spores settled on the surface and prevent greater destruction of this hosting element.

  • Sanding

Media blasting and sanding have similar objectives: to reach just beyond the outermost surface layer of affected building materials in your home covered with mold. These abrasive cleaning approaches use hand tools or pressurized media like dry ice to eradicate surface buildup and protect materials.

  • Material Removal

When cleaning methods get exhausted without the intended results, or AdvantaClean mold inspection shows certain materials to be unsalvageable; we must use controlled demolition tactics to remove and safely discard them. Demolition is one of the last choices but one of the most effective approaches to eliminating mold and fungal threats.

For this professional mold remediation for your home or business, you can reach out to our AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs team at (404) 474-8443. Our convenient location at 6577 Long Acres Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30328, allows us to quickly reach the entire Atlanta area, like Dunwoody, for inspections, remediation, and repairs.  

Trusted Repair Specialists After Damage

Partial restoration doesn't fully help your home because while professionals might resolve the mold threat, you still have materials requiring reinstallation and repairs. AdvantaClean does not leave this work up to subcontractors. We want you to trust our process from the earliest inspection to repainting newly installed drywall with mold-inhibiting primers and matching colors for the house. Repair is just part of the remediation your home needs, and we are a comprehensive choice that takes the wait out of this work in your life.

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