Signs You Need Mold Inspection

The most constructive approach when concerned about microbial infestation is obtaining a professional mold inspection for Sandy Springs properties. You definitely need guidance if this is your first suspicion of a microbial infestation in your home or business. When should you arrange for an assessment?

  • After your home or business experiences flooding, leaks, or unintended or prolonged spraying from interior or exterior sprinkler systems 

  • During negotiations to buy or sell real estate, especially if the premises have been vacant and unattended 

  • To clarify landlord-tenant disagreements where either party voices suspicions about microbial growth

  • If you notice a persistent musty odor that no decluttering or cleaning resolves

Purpose of a Mold Inspection

The answer might seem obvious and short--to confirm whether your premises have fungal growth and damage. However, a proper professional inspection encompasses much more. In addition to verifying the presence of damaging primitive, spore-generated organisms, the experts from AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs will:

  • Determine whether recurrent surface soiling is dirt or evidence of microbial activity

  • Evaluate the current infestation's severity and outline its perimeters, including the involvement of building cavities.

  • Search for evidence of previous mildew and mold outbreaks.

  • Pinpoint the location of the water sources that fuel the fungi, providing a building-wide "map" of excessive moisture, also noting spaces with documented higher-than-average humidity. 

  • Check heating and cooling systems that can harbor moisture and provide an environment conducive to fungal growth.

When a Mold Inspection Needed

Simply looking for active colonies and stopping when the inspector finds one found jeopardizes the opportunity to be proactive during an assessment. Benefits arise when we diligently check throughout the building for moisture exposure and take heed of visible infestation history. Under those circumstances, we can take advantage of the chance to halt today's mold issues while avoiding future problems. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs' comprehensive assessment efforts help you:

  • Minimize exposure to irritants, allergy-triggering spores residues, and mycotoxins that can make your loved ones uncomfortable or ill--preparing to clear the air through eventual remediation. 

  • Protect structural materials and contents from severe and weakening damage as the organisms use organic surfaces such as drywall, wood, paper, and more as food--leading remediators to hot spots where removal of the colonies is essential.

  • Focus attention on water damage you have ignored or missed, which can cause debilitating harm to your property unless addressed--maintaining your property's value, as well.

  • Provide both an accurate picture of present fungal growth and damage and also a data-based blueprint of where moisture control and water damage restoration interventions can prevent ongoing infestation.

One More Appropriate Time for Mold Inspection

Interestingly, another time to check for microbial activity is immediately after remediation is deemed complete. Because there is no way to remove the spores that "seed" microbial growth, the spotlight is on the things remediation can control. Thorough removal of all moldy residues and effective moisture control must occur.    

More Helpful Information on Mold Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) remediation protocols taught to our technicians through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) emphasize the mechanical removal of mold organisms. Thus, locating the colonies is vital. Testing provides leads on the species of fungus but less precise information on the location of the microbial spread. The type of fungus is irrelevant to removal techniques, so we urge visual inspection as the first line of defense. 

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs mold inspection provides reliable information when property owners face the possibility of fungal growth and damage. Call us at (404) 474-8443 to schedule an assessment and discuss your options, including remediation following EPA protocols.

Have confidence that the AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs team will handle the mold inspection of your home or commercial business with integrity and skill. Our IICRC and NORMI training and certification prepare us well. Our commitment to clear and honest communication means we are eager to explain our methods and share the data we gather so we can agree on appropriate mold remediation steps.

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