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Case Studies

Prevent Pipes from Freezing
How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing in winter.
Location: Tri-State
AdvantaClean shows to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Mold Remediation and Flooding
Basement flooding cleanup project.
Location: City, State
Problem: AdvantaClean was called to perform a free inspection. A water damage problem was experienced on the basement. Microbial growth started to develop on the ceiling and walls. An independent Mold Assessment company performed an inspection and collected samples, analyzed lab results, and developed a detailed scope of work. Solution: Our crew began with the work, following the scope of work provided by the mold assessment company, we began building plastic containment to isolate affected areas from the rest of the house. We HEPA Vacuum interior of walls and ceiling and wiped down with an anti-microbial solution all cavities. Our crew also encapsulated all remaining materials with an anti-microbial paint to protect remaining material from advanced microbial growth.

Save the Wine
Mold Remediation
Location: City, State
Faulty air conditioning unit and ground water leak from a neighbors lot resulted in gross contamination of this clients wine cellar. We were able to remediate the mold and save the WINE!

Nasty flooded, Moldy Basement

Location: Dunwoody, GA 30338

Problem: This is what happens if you leave a flooded basement for too long. Advantaclean of Sandy Springs was called out to this house in Dunwoody, Georgia. The hot water heater was still leaking when we arrived.

Solution: We brought in our plumber to stop the water source. We set up negative pressure and built containment to prevent further mold contamination. The nasty category 3 water was extracted, and 4 foot flood cuts were made throughout the entirety of the basement. A drying system was set up, and chlorine dioxide was released to assist with smell and kill mold spores. The entire basement was covered in mold, so everything was wiped and HEPA vacuumed. We passed the mold clearance test on the first shot, pretty typical for us nowadays.

Flooded basement     

Hurricane Matthew Storm Damage Fayetteville Area

Location: Fayetteville, NC 28303

Problem: Fayetteville and Lumberton North Carolina were some of the hardest hit areas, due to the flooding left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The majority of the damage was caused after the storm had passed, some of the rivers took over a week to crest.

Solution: We worked with many business owners and provided advice and direction. Due to the lack of flood insurance in the area, many people were waiting for FIMA to send money.


Water damage and mold repair in Sandy Springs

Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Problem: This was a water damage job we just finished in Sandy Springs. Another company performed a water damage remediation, but the homeowner was not happy and the mold test failed.

Solution: We cut everything to two feet, treated for mold, used chlorine dioxide and passed the test first try. We specialize in mold removal, water damage, water damage repair and sewer backups. We get a good portion of calls, to fix the work other companies have performed that do not share our expertise.


Unseen Kitchen Sink Leak Causes Mold Issues

Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Problem: The homeowner could smell a musty odor. They also were suffering from headaches and allergies.

Solution: The homeowner called Advantaclean and we helped them through the entire process.We assisted with insurance, finding an asbestos abatement contractor, a roofer and getting everyone on a timeline so we could get this house back to normal as fast as possible. The post tests came back clean and the homeowner was able to move back in


Home Inspector Found Mold In The Attic And Crawlspace A Week Before Closing

Location: Vinnings, GA 30339

Problem: The homeowner called us in a panic, contractors were booked out several weeks in advance and he needed the mold remediated.

Solution: My team and I worked the weekend to fix his issue and help him sell his house. The sale went through as planned.


Bad Smells Emanating From The Break Room Of A Large Jewelry Store

Location: Buckhead, GA 30305

Problem: Store employees noticed some nasty odors and complained to the manager. An independent company performed pre and post testing and found that there were an issue and remediation was necessary.

Solution: Advantaclean was called to the scene! We removed the cabinets, drywall, treated the mold and dried the structure. We completed the project on schedule and pasted the post test with flying colors. We determined that water was entering through the foundation and we recommended a basement sealing company to prevent a future problem.


A Luxury Home Builder Needed Mold Removed From The Garage. This Mold Developed Due To High Outside Humidity And No Garage Doors

Location: Buckhead, GA 30305

Problem: The home builder did not want the drywall removed. We determined that the mold, although bad, did not penetrate far into the surface and could be treated.

Solution: We had to treat the mold several times, but we were able to kill and remove the mold. The home builder painted the garage and installed garage doors after we finished.


Mold On The Ceiling

Location: Atlanta, GA 30342

Problem: The tenant found a large spot of mold on her ceiling. She told the property manager who called Advantaclean to the rescue. We went out, surveyed the damage and quoted a price. Time was a concern, so we worked over the weekend to get the job done quickly.

Solution: All four walls and the ceiling were completely saturated, due to an upstairs pipe leak, so we removed everything. When we opened up the wall cavity next to the water heater we discovered another small leak, which we had a plumber fix. We treated all of the surfaces of the mold and started the drying process.


Full Basement Remediation

Location: Ellenwood, GA 30294

Problem: During a home sale mold was noted by the home inspector. Due to the extent of the mold, an entire basement remediation was required.

Solution: A negative pressure barrier system was built to contain mold spores released during remediation. All of the insulation had to be pulled and discarded offsite, due to mold spore contamination. After the insulation was removed, we did a thorough cleaning of the basement, using HEPA vacuums. The surfaces were then treated with a chlorine based product to reduce staining. The surfaces were then treated with a peroxide based product to penetrate into the wood and kill the root structure of the mold.



Georgetown Flooding

Location: Georgetown, SC 29440

Problem: A large department store, located next to a river in Georgetown, received about a foot of river water in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Solution: We removed all of the carpeting and made a two-foot flood cut along all of the walls. We brought in a generator and eight high capacity dehumidifiers, along with fans, to dry the structure.


Georgetown Water Damage

Location: Georgetown, SC 29440

Problem: A large department store, located next to a river in Georgetown, received about a foot of river water in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Solution: We removed all of the carpeting and made a two-foot flood cut along all of the walls. We brought in a generator and eight high capacity dehumidifiers, along with fans, to dry the structure.

Toxic Black Mold Found In Storage Unit

Location: Atlanta, GA 20203

Problem: Significant quantities of Stachybotrys, AKA Black Toxic mold, were found in a storage unit in a Decatur Home. This mold was caused by water intrusion and high humidity levels.

Solution: We ended up removing pretty much all of the drywall inside the unit. We cleaned and sanitized the remaining structural lumber. This was a quick one day job and it allowed the sale to go through as planned.

Water Damage In Multi-Million Dollar Buckhead Home

Location: Atlanta, GA 20203

Problem: The filter casing failed, on the supply line water filter, flooding a Buckhead home with water. The majority of the basement was affected. Even though we arrived in less than an hour, water had already moved several feet up sheetrock. The carpeting was starting to show signs of delamination.

Solution: We used thermal imaging to quickly survey the damage and develop a drying plan. We made a flood cut to open up the wall cavities so sterilization and drying could take place. All affected carpeting was removed. Although we had to remove a little over 2,600 pounds of wet material we completed the tear out in two days and the drying in three.

Sewage Backup Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Location: Marietta, GA 30067

Problem: The sewage line became blocked by used tampons. Human waste back flowed through the toilets in the women's restroom. Sewage sprayed everywhere and created quite a mess.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs was called by the Dobbins maintenance team. We cleaned up the sewage overflow while the maintenance team snaked the drain line. This was our first government water damage mitigation.

Mold Testing In Church

Location: Druid Hills, GA 30333

Problem: The Pastor called Advantaclean of Sandy Springs because he was concerned about a mold smell in his church. The building was old, lacked ventilation, and had suffered water damage due to a roof leak. Mold remediation was necessary.

Solution: We took six mold samples. We encountered slightly elevated levels of aspergillus/ penicillium but were able to relieve their fear of Stachybotrys, aka Black Toxic mold. I made several other recommendations, such as a plastic covering under the crawlspace, gutter extenders and a dehumidifier in the secondary building.

Moisture Control

Location: Decatur, GA 30333

Problem: Significant mold buildup was found in all three crawl spaces.

Solution: Three separate mold remediations were performed in each of the crawl spaces. Two top of the line Santa Fe dehumidifiers were installed. The large crawl space received one dehumidifier. Ducting was installed to route warm, dry air to the two smaller crawl spaces.

Toxic Black Mold Due To Ongoing Water Leak

Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Problem: Our customer had two active water leaks. The water ran down behind his shower wall. Toxic black mold started to form. Mold removal had to be performed before the customer got sick from the mold.

Solution: We removed the shower wall and much of the drywall within the bathroom. We physically removed all the mold and then treated and cleaned several times with fungicide. The remaining wood was then dried to under 16% wood moisture content.

Black Mold in the Walls

Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Problem: My customer used the preferred provider recommended to them by their insurance company. IICRC protocol was not followed, the walls were not even opened for proper drying. Black mold grew inside their walls and they started experiencing adverse health effects.

Solution: We set up a negative pressure and extra filtration to contain and capture mold spores during our remediation. The drywall had to be removed, so we cut out two feet, more in some places. The remaining studs were HEPA vacuumed and cleaned, several times, with anti-microbial.

Water Damage In Luxury Condo

Location: Atlanta, GA 30309

Problem: A shower drain leaked in the bathroom, causing the drywall to become saturated around the tub. Over time, black mold developed and could be smelled.

Solution: Advantaclean of Sandy Springs built a large barrier to prevent mold spores from migrating out of the contained area. We performed pre and post mold tests. The tub, toilet and much of the granite tile had to be removed to reach the moldy drywall behind the enclosure. We performed a basic water mitigation, removing drywall up to 3 feet in some areas.

Flooding in the Department Store

Location: Douglasville, GA 30122

Problem: A sprinkler line let loose at a large department store, flooding approximately 96,000 square feet. This was a large water mitigation project.

Solution: Advantaclean brought in 100 fans, 20 large dehumidifiers, and several extractors to dry out the store. We responded Saturday and had them completely dry by Wednesday. We also sorted and palletized approximately 16 tons of wet merchandise.

Sewer Cleaup Restaurant Parking Lot

Location: Atlanta, GA 30309

Problem: We were called in to clean up raw sewage from a restaurant parking lot. When their sewer system backed up it came out of a pipe located outside. The smell was bad, customers were in line. They also did not want the sewer water washing into the storm drain system, as that can carry a hefty penalty.

Solution: We responded fast and mitigated their sewer issue. We used a commercial extractor to spray 180-degree water, containing an antimicrobial agent, while sucking up the mess.

Garage Oozing Black Mold

Location: Covington, GA 30016

Problem: Advantaclean of Sandy Springs was called in to address a garage with severe mold and water damage issues.

Solution: Cleaned and packed out contents and gutted the entire garage. We treated the remaining structural lumber. We used MMR to reduce staining and Oxypar to kill the mold. Our tests certify the garage is now completely mold free and ready for a rebuild.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Sandy Springs

Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Problem: Due to the lack of dehumidification and a vapor barrier, significant mold buildup was found under the crawlspace. The homeowner also noticed must odors emanating up through the wood floors.

Solution: We performed a crawlspace encapsulation. The crawlspace went from dark, dank and buggy area to a bright, clean area that can be used for storage. The dehumidifier will prevent future mold issues and lower the humidity throughout the house.

Dawsonville Mold Job

Location: Dawsonville, GA 30534

Problem: Our customer in Dawsonville wanted the mold remediated in a house she just purchased.

Solution: Our team performed a mold remediation. First we HEPA vacuumed all surfaces, then we treated the affected wood with a stain remover. To remove the mold we used a strong peroxide solution. Peroxides penetrate into the wood and bubble out mold contaminants. Last, we HEPA vacuumed one last time.

Department Store Flooded With Several Inches Of Water

Location: Dunwoody, GA 30534

Problem: A sprinkler system cut loose in the store above. Water was raining down into the store below. The entire store was flooded with about 4 inches of water.

Solution: Truck mount systems and extractors were used to vacuum up the bulk water. A generator fed drying system was used to completely dry the store in less than three days.

Water Loss Caused By Water Heater

Location: Dunwoody, GA 30338

Problem: This was a small water leak caused by a faulty water heater. Approximately 50 square feet of carpeting was affected. When we arrived, water had already migrated about six inches up the walls.This was a small water leak caused by a faulty water heater.

Solution: To ensure mold did not develop, we removed the affected carpet padding and baseboards. Since this was clean water we were able to save and dry the carpeting. We brought in several fans and a dehumidifier. The HVAC room was unfinished, so we could get air movement on both sides of the drywall and it did not have to be removed.

Water Damage Mitigation In Atlanda, Sewer Water Cleanup

Location: Dunwoody, GA 30338

Problem: Our customer had category 3 water, sewer water, leak out of a pipe in the wall. There carpeting was covered with sewage.

Solution: Advantaclean of Sandy Springs removed the affected drywall and carpeting. We sanitized and scrubbed all surfaces with antimicrobial and dried out the remaining structural lumber.