Should You Seal Your Crawl Space?

Did you know the area between the ground and your home's first floor is called a crawl space? It's a common feature in many homes in Sandy Springs and is often used to access plumbing or electrical systems for repairs. However, it is essential to be aware that crawl spaces can also be a potential source of dampness and mildewing, leading to respiratory health problems for residents. For this reason, many Sandy Springs homeowners have sought out the expertise of our AdvantaClean team for our efficient and thorough encapsulation services.

Benefits of encapsulation and sealing include:

  • Lower energy costs

  • Pest resistance

  • Water damage protection

  • Mold prevention

  • Structural protection

  • Clean, accessible space

  • Improved IAQ–indoor air quality

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation? 

Sandy Springs crawl space encapsulation is intended to create a physical barrier between the elements outside your home and this vulnerable space below the first floor. We install a heavy-duty vapor barrier on the floor and walls to seal your crawl space and fill any openings with caulking or spray foam. Once the space is closed, we can further insulate it to prevent heat from escaping through the floors and keep your home more comfortable.

Each situation is unique, so the time and effort required varies considerably from one property to the next. Even still, the general components of an encapsulation project remain the same. First, we manage the moisture, keep the problem from recurring, and then opt for additional measures to improve conditions in this space. The primary phases of this process include:

  • Drying 

We remove standing water and wet materials, scrub away mold, and use a dehumidifier or professional drying system to remove remaining moisture. AdvantaClean has access to industry-leading technologies and powerful equipment to manage humidity, surface moisture, and additional threats. This action will ensure a safe and healthy environment for your home. 

  • Sealing

 We improve moisture control in your crawl space by adding a plastic vapor barrier to the floor and sealing off all vents and openings to the outdoors. AdvantaClean professionals use foam board and spray foam to seal off the crawl space vents and door, attach foam insulation to all walls, and seal off all remaining gaps and cracks with insulating materials like spray foam or hydraulic cement. 

  • Additional Water Diversion 

It can be necessary for our team to consider direct measures to manage water intrusion or potential flooding scenarios the future could hold. From regrading the ground outside the property or installing French drains and sump pumps, we have several options to help beyond encapsulation.

Does Every Home Need Sealing? 

If you have a crawl space, encapsulating it may be a good idea. Sealing can help prevent pests and increase energy efficiency. Encapsulation is essential in areas with high humidity to avoid mold and mildew growth. Soil percolation can play a significant role in the dampness of these foundations. If you have noticed signs of decay in your home or have family members with allergies, it is crucial to consider sealing to protect your family's health. The installation cost can be worth the investment for the potential long-term benefits your family enjoys.

AdvantaClean Professionals to Help 

Are you convinced to improve the energy efficiency of your crawl space and prevent water and moisture from entering your home? Our trusted services are designed to get the job done flawlessly. You can count on us to handle your household and ensure it stays in top-notch condition no matter how it looks during our initial inspection.

So do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule an on-site appointment and upgrade your crawl space. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs can help when you are ready to consider your options with a damaged crawl space. Call us at (404) 474-8443.

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