Once you realize you have water damage developing anywhere in your Dunwoody home, your immediate thought might be how much it will cost to fix. Many homeowners try to save money by embarking on a do-it-yourself restoration. However, DIY has more risks that could mean more time, further damage, and increased costs. Hiring professionals is the best way to ensure safe, effective results, even if you have some decent tools and equipment you own or can borrow. Hiring AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is a great way to get started when you want your home back to normal after a spill, burst pipes, hidden leak, or flooding.

Handling Your Water Damage Problems

Moisture and water damage are prevalent issues in homes across the country. Due to all of the potential causes, you could even have damage that goes undetected for some time. This could spell increased material degradation, structural integrity loss, or mold growth. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is available for trusted water damage restoration in Dunwoody and the surrounding areas. We respond quickly and feature skilled technicians with industrial-grade equipment to get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes to do it on your own. 

Have you tried DIY in the past and learned from your mistakes? Our IICRC-certified technicians often talk to homeowners who tried self-cleanup only to leave moisture behind. Professional intervention means nothing gets overlooked. With a trained eye and knowledge of the industry’s best practices for extractions and drying, we can return your home to pre-water damage condition quickly. 

Top Reasons to Hire AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for Water Damage Restoration in Dunwoody, Georgia

Not only do you want quality results, but you deserve it. You will enjoy many great benefits from the AdvantaClean advantage when hiring us for water removal services, drying, and restoration, such as:

  • Leak detection and hidden water damage: A sizable challenge with water problems will be knowing the full extent of the damage. Water and moisture can seep into porous materials like drywall, wood, and insulation. Our team knows how to follow water migration patterns to ensure nothing gets left behind to cause further issues. We address the cause of the water problem to keep it from coming right back. 

  • Industrial-grade cleaning agents, tools, and equipment: The vehicles in our fleet get packed with everything we need to handle your water damage call. Some items you will see our team using include air movers, drying mats, shop vacs, dehumidifiers, and EPA-registered cleaning agents

  • Rapid response and trusted methods: Once you call our offices, you can count on a crew to arrive at your Dunwoody property within hours to begin assessment. We select the best water removal and drying methods based on our findings. Our team begins extractions and mitigation efforts as soon as possible to limit disruption and help you salvage as much as possible.

Call AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs to reduce the risks of DIY methods. We are available 24/7 for water damage restoration in Dunwoody; reach us by calling (404) 474-8443. You deserve results, and our trusted technicians will be there to explain each phase of your project.

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