AdvantaClean Finds and Removes Water after Floods

While water damage can be apparent in your home after a leak or pipe burst, you might need more time to get the complete picture of the effect on your life. Even with prompt mitigation and surface cleaning measures, AdvantaClean professionals must extensively track and monitor the structure to locate moisture pockets and damp areas beyond the surface that might be looming threats to your house and family.

The initial 48 hours are the most critical after water damage in Dunwoody homes and businesses. Responding restoration professionals must take direct actions to limit the situation from worsening while actively managing changing conditions of your house. During this crucial recovery window, water begins absorbing into the porous materials of your residence, mold organisms can start forming, and sensitive wood could become damaged to the point of warping or bloating.

Proper water and moisture management helps:

  • Prevent structural deterioration

  • Avoid mold growth and microbial threats

  • Improve restoration time and cost

Where is the Water Damage? 

When water exists where it does not belong, the result could be severe structural damage. Overcoming the standing water and wet materials you can see is a start, but cleanup needs to address the full measure of the threat to your house. Our AdvantaClean technicians track moisture migration through wall systems, flooring assemblies, and other areas where a leak can leave obstacles to overcome. Our approaches vary based on where we find water damage:

  • Structural Cavities 

With much of the plumbing in your home neatly installed in wall systems, when pipes burst or leak, these cavities can fill up first before water finds a point to flow out into the main areas of the house.

  • Flooring

Several flooring types are susceptible to water exposure, from carpeting to wood plank flooring. Beyond any collecting water on the surface, moisture can penetrate beyond this outermost layer to reach padding and subflooring underneath.

  • Ceiling Materials 

Plumbing in the ceiling assemblies can often first appear as discolored drywall, sagging materials, or drips. AdvantaClean professionals remove the installed ceiling materials around the signs of water and track the moisture pocket from this breach.

Water Removal Techniques to Help Your Home 

Phases of water damage restoration and recovery work in line with one another. Understanding the full measure of a disaster's impact on a structure is often challenging without beginning mitigation and continually monitoring and assessing changing conditions. Phases of water removal and management can include:

  • Surface Water Removal – Our experienced mitigation team uses vacuums and pumps to remove standing water pooling on the floors of your house. Removing puddling allows for the subsequent phases of drying and cleanup to begin. 

  • Structural Drying - Water trapped in porous materials like wood and carpeting can migrate to other areas of your house. We use tools like air movers to evaporate trapped moisture before permanent structural damage results. 

  • Humidity Management – AdvantaClean professionals can deploy moisture management equipment in workspaces, such as desiccant and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers. Reducing relative humidity aids in continually drying the structure and lessens the probability of microbial growth. 

AdvantaClean Professionals for Water Damage Recovery

Our water remediation and restoration guys have extensive training and accreditation through standard-setting firms like the IICRC. Being customer-driven, we listen to your priorities and requests to develop the best recovery strategy for your family. Our involvement through every stage of restoration translates to round-the-clock service to get life back to normal as fast as possible.

Water damage moves quickly through your home and poses a significant threat to your home's structural integrity. We understand the urgency of effective cleanup and repairs, so AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is available 24/7 for mitigation and restoration services when you call (404) 474-8443.

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