Safe, Efficient Mold Removal with AdvantaClean

Molds of all kinds can be found in Sandy Springs homes and businesses everywhere. When looking at black mold, many people get scared because they hear about the dangers but are unsure of how to handle it or the effects it can have. All fungus should be treated with care, so hiring professionals like AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is recommended rather than taking a chance on do-it-yourself black mold removal. 

Understanding Black Mold

When you hear black mold in Sandy Springs, this collective term covers several fungi species. These spores are dark in color, often appearing as blackish-brown spots. Despite the name, it may not always be black. Some colonies may look bluish-green or greenish-black when developing on wood surfaces. 

Spores are everywhere, so when the proper environment is created, spores can start to latch onto surfaces and grow out of control. Microbial growth occurs indoors, out, and on any surface – including porous materials. You will often find patches to develop in basements and bathrooms as the excess moisture aids growth. Remember that not all mold will be visible; sometimes, you could have a problem lurking under wallpaper, drywall, and cabinetry. 

AdvantaClean for Black Mold Removal

When you suspect microbial growth, the safest route is to have professional mold remediation. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs can come to your home and inspect mold, taking samples from the air and various surfaces to be sent to a lab for further testing. We consistently arrive with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools to ensure your project moves forward safely and efficiently. 

Our steps for mold cleanup will generally be as follows:

  • Assess and address the cause of damage – Mold thrives in specific environments, so we must combat it by fixing the source. This conduciveness could be from air conditioning condensation, faulty roofs, or leaking pipes or appliances. You could also have ventilation issues in your basement, bathroom, or laundry. 

  • Containment – Using plastic sheeting and negative air pressure, we contain the workspace to help keep spores from traveling into unaffected areas of your property. 

  • Air quality – Proper remediation cannot be done without good ventilation. We can take air samples and work on removing particles with air scrubbers that feature onboard HEPA filtration. 

  • Controlling moisture levels – Drying and humidity control are vital for mold remediation projects. We set up dehumidifiers and various drying tools to address relative humidity (RH) and any areas with hidden moisture pockets. 

  • Restoration and odor control – Our skilled technicians remove all unsalvageable materials and work on eliminating musty mold odors using specialized equipment. Once we are done, there will be no lingering reminders of the infestation that was present. 

Prevention will always be better than seeking a cure, but AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is here when you reach that point. Not only will we eliminate stubborn mold growth, but we can also review ventilation and humidity control steps you can take to keep the problem from coming right back. Call us at 404-474-8443, and we can schedule a crew to head to your property as soon as possible. 

At AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs, we know the anxiety and stress black mold can cause. Look to our trained professionals for the knowledge and processes you need to give you peace of mind your interior gets returned to normal.

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