What Do You Know About Fire Damage Outcomes in Sandy Springs?

If you feel anxious, in disbelief, guilty, or frustrated after a fire incident, you are not the only one. Most people experience mixed emotions triggered by the inconveniences and financial or sentimental losses. Several steps are necessary in the immediate aftermath of a fire, including cleaning and repairs to help restore normalcy. A clear mind is the most helpful fire remediation resource for fixing damage at your Sandy Springs premises. Although there is no simple way to switch emotions on and off, involving a professional team like AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs bridges the gap sufficiently. 

A Better Understanding of the Damage Fire Triggers

Apart from the dark, charred, or sooty surfaces, much more is happening in a property with fire damage. There are traces of harmful substances, weakened structural areas, and malfunctioning utilities. Some of the harmful substances are virtually invisible. For instance, if you feel a tinge of respiratory irritation on entering the premises, the air still has traces of particulate matter and aerosols left over from the smoke that fills the property as materials combust. The heat and flames also char materials, ruining their visual appeal and diminishing their structural strength. It creates unexpected risks like fixtures and fittings collapsing, especially when subjected to weight from people or equipment. 

Any attempt to resolve fire damage without understanding the underlying problems may strike out. That is why fire remediation companies evaluate the loss before starting any mitigation and repairs. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs sends a knowledgeable rep or supervisor for a walkthrough to establish the damage extent. During the walkthrough, we collect different information that assists with immediate fire damage restoration and any follow-up repairs to reinstate normal conditions. 

Valuable Information Fire Remediation Companies Collect

  • General damage photos or videos

  • Content inventory

  • Salvageable and unsalvageable items

  • The state of your utilities

To the trained eyes of professionals sent by fire remediation companies, different visual patterns on surfaces affected by fire can indicate different things. For example, if we notice heavier soot accumulation from the middle of walls going toward the ceiling with a distinct borderline, it tells us there was intense heat as the fire burned. Clustering residues may form smoke webs or other patterns that you may consider puzzling. However, this indicates that the fire burnt significant synthetic fibers or plastics, which ionizes soot. The photos and videos our AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs professionals take form a solid reference point that we can use throughout the restoration process to determine the best approaches and cleaning products. Visual documentation also enhances the inventory process, especially in facilitating insurance claims.

Saving Valuables after Fire Damage

Although fires are highly destructive, many items, including furniture, electronics, and jewelry, survive heat exposure or moisture from the firefighting efforts. Identifying what you can save may be challenging with everything covered in soot. For AdvantaClean professionals, a safe approach helps maximize what you save while completing the process quickly. We collect items and group them into categories of salvageable, unsalvageable, and questionable, thus proceeding to other restoration processes fast. 

Resolving fire damage involves significant cleaning to remove smoke residues and teardown to replace charred structural materials. Fire also affects utilities, which may result in long-term issues with power supply, air quality, heating and cooling, and many other occupancy aspects. 

Utility Checks Fire Remediation Companies Perform

  • HVAC systems - AdvantaClean crews check ducts for residues and replace filters. 

  • Plumbing lines - Heat can leave pipes cracked, leading to future water leaks, so identifying and fixing them is essential.

  • Electrical cables - The extreme heat inside your property as the fire burns affects insulation, which can lead to short circuits.

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