Sandy Springs Fire Damage Cleanup

Household or business blazes frequently create messes that overwhelm property owners' efforts to resolve. Fire damage cleanup in Sandy Springs is completed most effectively by professional technicians with broadly based and extensive restoration training and cutting-edge equipment and products designed for the substantial challenges posed by: 

  • Widespread smoke and soot dispersed by superheated air currents, coating surfaces and impacting air quality throughout a building

  • Charring, breakdown, and distortion of structural components, utility lines, and fixtures from the flames and heat, the destruction including exposure of hazardous structural elements such as asbestos coatings or lead piping and paint

  • Contaminated firefighting water which knocked down the flames but then quickly absorbed into structures and contents and migrated into building cavities, attacking porous building materials and contents and increasing the risk of mold damage

Fire Damage Restoration Safety

 Once property owners receive permission from local officials, restorers can enter the building for assessment. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs evaluates fire damage cleanup needs after first determining the types and extent of hazardous conditions needing control:

  • Presence and contamination levels of firefighting water and detection of fluids hidden in building cavities

  • Wet or damaged wiring and other utility lines

  • Weakened structures that cannot support the weight of equipment or perhaps even technicians 

  • Damage-exposed hazardous materials like lead and asbestos 

  • Poor air quality

  • Toxic substances created by flames and heat (soot) that cover surfaces 

Controls for the above dangers intended to protect occupants and cleanup crews include some or all of the following:

  • Partial and temporary evacuation of spaces containing potential hazards by residents, employees, and the general public

  • Wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) by restoration technicians 

  • Containment of smoke-filled spaces by wrapping in heavy-duty polyethylene, and exhaustion of the contaminated atmosphere with negative pressure air scrubbers

  • Controlled demolition strategies that permit the release of trapped water (weep holes, flood cuts, baseboard-level drainage) and tear out of irredeemably compromised building materials

  • Installation of short-term supports for weakened but eventually restorable structural components

  • Partial or full pack out of contents to AdvantaClean's secure facility to clear the affected spaces and permit assessment and documentation of harm done to furnishings, electronics, and other movable property

AdvantaClean Fire Cleanup Process 

Water removal and applied structural drying commence first to limit safety hazards and provide access to all affected surfaces and spaces. Workers then clear charred materials and other debris. Our crews follow surface soiling strategies based on scientific cleaning protocols matching particular types of soot with products and tools proven to loosen and lift away dry, wet, or protein-based residues. Understanding how to manipulate the various elements of cleaning is the key to effective removal without excessive damage to the underlying surface. Cleaning approaches vary even within the same fire-damaged building and consider:

  • Chemical actions of different cleaners--water-based, oil-based, enzyme-based release different kinds of soils

  • Temperature variables--for instance, heat increases the rate of chemical reactions

  • Agitation and its intensity--including the use of grit or abrasive tools in some instances

  • Dwell time--spraying or immersing soiled items or surfaces and allowing a soaking period can dislodge residues without aggressive scrubbing 

Lingering odor issues are common. AdvantaClean employs different deodorization techniques until we find one or a combination that works to eradicate and not simply cover up unpleasant smells caused by the fire or extinguishing efforts.

Any one aspect of fire damage mitigation and remediation relies on those delivering the services possessing broadly-based and professional experience plus commercial-grade equipment for a successful outcome. AdvantaClean technicians never miss a beat, able to respond even to unanticipated issues because of the comprehensive training received from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

When you team up with AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for fire damage cleanup, be confident that we offer the resources needed for rapid recovery across a wide spectrum of interventions. Call us at (404) 474-8443 as soon as practical for an assessment and initiation of emergency services.

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