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Out of all of the natural disasters that could occur on your Dunwoody property, fire is the most dangerous. The danger is more than the damaging effects on the building and belongings. There can also be a long-lasting impact on your overall health and well-being. To take a lot of the stress and emotional toll off of your shoulders, AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is available 24 hours a day to help area customers facing house fire cleanup. We work quickly to provide quality results and peace of mind that you can return to life again after the fire.

Fire damage to your house, whether from an accident or weather-related, can become a devastating experience. The scope of the fire damage depends on many factors, including how long the fire burned, how soon it was put out, and how many combustible materials the fire blazed through. Fire damage restoration in Dunwoody must happen as quickly as possible to help you limit your project's loss and overall cost. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs understands time is of the essence. You can count on us to get there fast for assessment and planning so we can implement our restoration and smoke remediation techniques.

The Different Types of Fire Damage

Fire damage is broken down into three kinds of classifications:

  • Flame damage

  • Substance damage

  • Smoke damage

When most people hear the word fire, flame damage is usually what they imagine. Flame damage is caused by the intense heat that can warp and melt glass and plastic. Smoke damage occurs whenever a fire is smothered before it spreads to external walls. When this happens, smoke can permeate between window panes. Like flame damage, smoke permeation is often localized to the area affected by the fire. However, smoke particles can travel throughout the home riding on a draft or within your HVAC system.

Substance damage develops due to the methods used to extinguish the flames. Water used to douse flames can get trapped within the lowest points of the home, causing moisture buildup that has to be addressed and dried accordingly. Trapped moisture leads to discoloration, warping, and the potential for mildew and mold growth. 

How Does the Timeline of Fire Damage Restoration Work?

The time your fire restoration lasts depends on the wreckage level. It could take about a week if your fire damage is not severe, but it could take longer with heavy smoke and moisture impact.

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs implements proven steps that involve cleaning, structural damage restoration, and sometimes reconstruction as needed. The scope of your project determines the length of time it will take us to complete. Several factors also play a role in how long your home restoration takes, including:

• The extent of fire damage in all affected areas

• The condition of your foundation and building support       structures

• How much water damage and moisture infiltration took place

• The overall level of smoke damage

Fire cleanup is a multi-faceted approach, and we have skilled IICRC-certified technicians ready to dive in at a moment's notice. Once the first responders at the scene deem your property safe for us to enter, we begin the assessment by inspecting the soot and soils, structural elements, substance damage, and contents that require cleaning or disposal.

We handle safe, efficient disposal of all unsalvageable contents and debris. Once we remove all charred building materials and contents, our crew starts cleaning and smoke remediation. Everything is explained to you as the steps progress so that you are always in the loop. With a phone call to (404) 474-8443, we will mobilize a crew to your door so restoration can begin.

AvantaClean of Sandy Springs specializes in water and fire damage restoration. Area customers have 24/7 access to our emergency services year-round for peace of mind their properties can return to normal again.

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