Advanced Smoke Odor Removal After a Fire in Sandy Springs

Cleaning up from a house or commercial building fire is a complicated process, with one of the most challenging tasks being smoke odor removal. Sandy Springs fire restoration experts AdvantaClean use as many approaches as needed to eliminate the smoke damage and smell of burning building materials from your property. Only then can you, your family or employees, and others walk into your house or business and feel confident the effects and the memories of the fire have faded safely into the past.

Smoke Odors are Hard to Remove

The source of nasty post-fire odors is the incompletely combusted bits of structural materials and contents that the flames used as fuel in your Sandy Springs property. Items with negligible or pleasant smells transform through the chemical changes during burning into tiny bits of soot that carry the stench. The incredibly small size of the smelly soot bits permits them to settle and sift down into cracks and crevices, which are hard to find and eradicate. In addition, a widespread type of soot damage occurs after kitchen fires that are particularly horrible to experience. Protein-based coatings cling tenaciously to surfaces throughout your property, even far from the ignition site, as they hitched rides on super-heated air currents during the fire. This protein-based soot contains the rancid and dehydrated residuals of food and grease. 

Deodorization Protocols That Work Best

AdvantaClean technicians learn effective fire debris and odor elimination interventions during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training in industry smoke damage restoration best practices. The general procedure is as follows:

● Ventilation is encouraged, including open windows and axial fans to sweep odor-bearing smoke and particles outside while airborne.

● Containment of work areas slow spread of odors, including employing negative pressure air-scrubbing technology, where contaminated air moves through HEPA filters before exhaustion to the outdoors.

● Debris removal is a significant part of smoke odor control; just one or two overlooked pieces of charred building materials trapped in a building cavity or under cabinets or furnishings can “stink up” whole spaces of your property.

● Deep cleaning of soot residues, including infamous protein-based coatings, with products, tools, and methods up to the task, matched scientifically to the residues’ characteristics by experienced technicians. 

● Consultation with customers throughout the process as the perception of foul odors varies from person to person--our goal is to make your property smell fresh and clean, considering smoke odor removal from your perspective. 

● Judicious use of masking options, including granules and sprays that cover up or distract from smells, often wanes in effect, so we will continue to find eradication pathways if the smells rebound.

New Smoke Odor Removal Technology

As discussed earlier, many smells from fire events trace to chemical changes in ordinary, fragrance-neutral materials during the heat and flames. AdvantaClean invites you to take advantage of evolving approaches to smoke odor removal, including:

● Enzyme treatments that breakdown some organic-based odors

● Ozone treatments that oxidize the odor-bearing soot bits

● Thermal fogging, where the conditions of the fire re-enact, deodorants combusted at high temperatures and propelled into malodorous spaces where the tiny fragments of the odor-control chemicals pair with and neutralize the offending soot particles

● Hydrol generation, where special machines create free radicals that join with the targeted soot and chemically change its properties to eliminate the smell

Fire damage restoration is incomplete until AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs uses all available resources to eliminate lingering odors. Call (404) 474-8443 to explore our comprehensive array of deodorization options.

Keep pursuing your search for malodor-free air quality as well as clean and refreshed surfaces after residential or commercial fires in Sandy Springs. Persistent fire damage smells hold you back as an unwanted reminder of the loss and chaos. Move forward with AdvantaClean innovative smoke-smell removal approaches.

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