Fire Damage Clean-up and Restoration Process

Fire damage cleanup in Dunwoody can become complicated, but the AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs team remains undeterred. Regardless of a restoration scenario's twists and turns, our managers and technicians rely on comprehensive training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to guide their response. Each project is unique, but all begin with a thorough assessment of the extent and intensity of the fire damage. Managers design a multi-phase plan based generally on the following.

Water Extraction After a Fire is Important 

Household or commercial blazes nearly always involve significant water incursion from extinguishing efforts, exposing your property to the destructive strength of moisture as well as to flames, heat, smoke, and soot. Post-assessment emergency services for Dunwoody fire damage cleanup thus typically commence with water removal, including containment of the fluids as hazardous waste per local regulation. Water must go first because:

● Wet surfaces and pooling increase the risk of electric shock. The hazard diminishes significantly after AdvantaClean technicians pump out and extract the water, followed by applied structural drying.

● Standing water can cover wires and debris, exposing restoration technicians and occupants to significant slip, trip, and fall hazards.

● Moisture causes many building materials to swell, crumble, delaminate, and distort, usually within hours to a few days.

●     Mold growth accelerates during the first 24 to 48 hours after water damage, resulting in mold spores always in the environment, encountering and absorbing moisture to start the fungi's life cycle.

● After water removal, wet structures need professional drying using a flexible configuration of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. 

Different Soots Require Different Cleanup Methods

Once the water removal winds up, AdvantaClean technicians focus on the soot soiling surfaces throughout the property. Because of the superheated air currents present during a fire, smoke can move from room to room and level to level. Dunwoody fire damage cleanup requires locating all residues, no matter how lightly coated, as soot is highly acidic and breaks down building materials over time. There are three types of soot, each with a recommended research-based cleaning protocol:

● Dry soot is loose and ashy, composed of paper and wood. AdvantaClean technicians avoid dampening or wiping dry soot as it can smear. Instead, feather dusters, soft brushes, and vacuums (with HEPA filters) provide the most efficient cleaning. Dabbing with special chemical sponges is another method, the sponge absorbing the soot and crumbling into a substance ready for sweeping or vacuuming up.  

● Wet soot represents the incompletely combusted remains of plastics, rubber, and textiles. The coating is thicker and darker than the ash of dry soot and sticks to surfaces. AdvantaClean technicians test the efficacy of water- or oil-based cleaners in inconspicuous spots to match the residues with the chemical agent that either dissolves or emulsifies the soot. A spray and wipe technique can clear soot from surfaces. Small, loose objects might benefit from soaking in a basin or treatment with ultrasonic waves in a liquid suspension.

● Protein-based soot can be a significant challenge. Protein-based soot is a fine, dehydrated mist of superheated food consisting of organic materials such as meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, and greases. It is common after a kitchen fire. It forms a thin, almost transparent coating that requires a solvent and abrasive tool to dislodge. Because oils in the residues become rancid at high temperatures, the film is highly malodorous.

Rigorous training in research-based best practices supports the high-quality work performed by the managers and technicians of AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs during Dunwoody fire damage cleanup. Have confidence that we can complete the long list of tasks required to return your property to its previous condition rapidly, thoroughly, and with as little disruption as possible.

The team from AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs will move into action as soon as we receive your call at (404) 474-8443. We pledge to professionally manage all aspects of Dunwoody fire damage cleanup, adhering to our IICRC training to benefit your property while treating every customer with compassion to minimize stress and worry.

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