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Case Studies

Case Study – Air Duct Cleaning at College in Winston-Salem
Air Duct Cleaning at College in Winston-Salem
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Problem: The HVAC system utilized in the residence hall at a local college in Winston-Salem needed to be properly cleaned to deliver fresh, clean air to the students who reside in the building.


Solution: AdvantaClean was able to complete this task by doing all of the work in accordance with the accepted standards put forward by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The work that was performed in the HVAC system at the residence hall included thorough cleaning of all components such as the blowers, blades, fan housing, shafts, baffles, and more.


In the process of cleaning the air conveyance system, lint, dirt, hair, and other foreign materials were successfully removed. AdvantaClean used specialized equipment to properly clean these various components. When the work was completed, all dampers were returned to their original setting from before the cleaning. In the end, the residence hall was left with clean, fresh air flowing through the ducts, and the cleaning allows the system to work more effectively and efficiently than prior to the cleaning.


The Value of Cleaning Air Ducts

Commercial HVAC duct cleaning is one of those tasks that is easy to overlook. When you are caught up in the busyness of maintaining and operating a building, you can forget that the ducts need ongoing attention to remain clean and working properly. If dust, dirt, and debris are allowed to accumulate in the system over time, a variety of problems can pop up.


Let’s look at some of the problems you are likely to encounter when you wait too long to have the air ducts cleaned in your building.


      Dirty air. This is the obvious point, and it’s the best place to start this list. If the ducts aren’t cleaned periodically, they will accumulate dirt and dust, and those particles are going to be distributed throughout the building each time the air comes on. Whether it’s warm air in the winter or cooled air in the summer, the simple act of air flowing through the ducts can distribute particles that degrade the air quality inside the space. Not only will this make the building a less enjoyable place to spend time, but it can also contribute to issues like allergy problems and other negative health impacts.


      Poor HVAC performance. Not only will the air coming out of your ducts be dirty when they haven’t been cleaned recently, but the whole system will also struggle to perform at an optimal level. As the dirt and dust builds up, the system is going to have to work harder to produce the same results as previously – meaning it will consume more energy along the way and it will take longer to get to a comfortable temperature. This change likely won’t be sudden. Instead, it will come on gradually, until one day you notice that it seems to be taking a long time to cool down the building in the summer or warm it up in the middle of winter. If you’ve been thinking that your building might need an entirely new system to regain lost performance, it could be that you simply need to have the air ducts professionally cleaned to get back to a satisfactory level.


      Save money over time. The inefficiency we discussed in the point above is also going to impact the bottom line. It will cost more to heat and cool your business when the system is running inefficiently, simply because more energy is going to be required to get the job done. Many businesses skip air duct cleaning because they think they are saving money, but the opposite might actually prove to be true. If you fall behind on this maintenance point, running your HVAC system could get more costly, leaving you worse off in the long run. Also, caring for your ducts might help you get a longer lifespan out of your HVAC equipment, which is another way to save money.


Finding the Right Frequency

One of the key points you’ll need to figure out with regard to HVAC duct cleaning is how often this service should be performed in your buildings. The right interval is not going to be the same for all situations. For example, the residence hall we discussed above has people coming and going regularly, meaning more frequent duct cleanings might be appropriate. However, a building with less activity and less dust and dirt in the air might not need to have the ducts cleaned so often. As a starting point, you can think of this as a yearly job, but working closely with your chosen contractor is the best way to settle on the perfect frequency.


Watch for These Signs

Paying attention to some important signs can help you determine when the time is right for air duct cleaning. Specifically, keep these potential signs in mind –


      Vents are getting dirty. This is one of the easiest signs to spot. Look at the vents around your building where the HVAC system delivers air into the various rooms. Are those vents collecting dirt and dust, or even mold? If so, there is a good chance the insides of your ducts are rather dirty and due for a cleaning.


      A bad smell. The air that comes out of your ducts while the system is running should smell clean and fresh. If it doesn’t, think about having the ducts cleaned right away to hopefully alleviate the problem and bring the air back to good condition.


      Dust gathering on surfaces. It’s normal for dust to gradually build up on surfaces inside any building. When that happens particularly quickly, however, it might be a sign that the HVAC system is blowing dirty air around and needs to be cleaned.


When you decide to have the ducts in your commercial building cleaned, AdvantaClean is the easy choice for the project. We offer the best air duct cleaning Winston-Salem has to offer, and you’ll always enjoy fair pricing to go along with our unbeatable service. Reach out today for more information or to schedule your appointment. The AdvantaClean team is ready to serve you!