At first glance, cleaning commercial air ducts would seem like a pretty difficult task. After all, the ducts are closed up, so you can’t just reach in and pull out the dust and debris that has built up over the years. Fortunately, there are advanced pieces of equipment possessed by teams like AdvantaClean that can take care of this job successfully.


If your business is in need of duct cleaning in Winston-Salem, reach out to AdvantaClean right away to get started. Our commercial air duct cleaning service is prompt, reliable, and affordable, but we can’t get to work until you take the first step. We hope to hear from you today!


The Right Machine

The key to having success when cleaning commercial air ducts is to use the right equipment for the job. A specialized vacuum is at the heart of the operation, as a commercial HVAC duct vacuum can place the system under negative pressure and pull out dirt and debris that will be collected and disposed of properly.


In addition to the vacuum, brushes can be used that will travel up into the ductwork and knock loose accumulated dirt and debris. Between the physical agitation provided by the brushes and the air-moving power of the vacuum, a contractor like AdvantaClean will have no problem getting the ducts fully cleaned and ready for great performance moving forward.


Not to Be Overlooked

As a business owner or manager, having the air ducts cleaned in your building might not be near the top of your priority list – but it probably should be. Without having the ducts cleaned, the indoor air quality in your building is going to gradually decline over time. Dirty air in your building is a health hazard for everyone who spends time in the space.


While air quality is a major consideration on this maintenance point, it’s not the only reason to have the ducts cleaned. Clean ducts can also contribute to improved efficiency for your HVAC system, meaning you may see a reduction in your energy costs month after month. Also, by keeping the system clean, it’s possible to get a longer lifespan out of the equipment, allowing you to get more value from the gear you have before it needs to be replaced.


Find the Right Frequency

There is no one set interval that is going to be right for every commercial space in terms of duct cleaning. Some businesses will require their ducts to be cleaned far more often than others, depending on what type of work they do and other environmental factors. It helps to team up with a professional contractor to determine exactly how often the ducts should be cleaned in your building.


It’s the combination of years of experience and the right equipment that allows the team at AdvantaClean to deliver excellent results on our commercial air duct cleaning projects. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, or if you would just like more information about this or any of our other services, check in today and we’ll be happy to help.


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