Water damage can cause serious harm to a building in a short period of time. Even relatively minor flooding or leaks can lead to major issues with the health of the structure and the people who live or work inside it. It’s critical to have professional property restoration work done as soon as possible when a building that you own or manage experiences any kind of water damage.

For the best in Winston-Salem flood damage recovery, turn to the expert team at AdvantaClean. We have been helping homeowners and businesses in this area recover from disasters for many years and we have the experience to handle your situation quickly and effectively.

Assessing the Situation

While a quick response and prompt action are important in this matter, it’s also necessary to take a moment to assess the situation and determine the appropriate next steps. What was the source of the water and has that source been cut off? How much damage was done and what parts of the building were exposed to water? A thorough assessment right at the start is going to inform the rest of the decisions that are made moving forward.

Water Extraction and Drying

With an assessment completed, the next step will be to target all affected areas with extraction and drying equipment. As much water as possible needs to be pulled out of the space and all materials in that space need to be dried using powerful, advanced machines. Removing the water from the area right away will lessen the chance that mold growth becomes a major problem.

Inspecting for Mold

Speaking of mold, even with a quick response and proper water extraction, it’s still possible that some mold will grow in the aftermath of the water damage event. So, the team at AdvantaClean will carefully inspect for mold, knowing all of the likely places that it might be hiding out. And, if mold is found, proper remediation work will begin immediately to take care of it and make sure the building is safe for occupants once again.

Structural Repairs

In the case of a significant water damage event, like a flood or other type of natural disaster, it might be necessary to perform major structural repairs before anyone can come back in to live or work there. The goal of structural repairs is to take the building back to at least the condition it was in before the damage, if not better. No shortcuts will be taken on this or any other steps, and doing the job right the first time is far better than skipping steps and needing to come back in the future to right those wrongs.

If you have recently experienced a water damage event in your home or business, time is a crucial piece of this process, and you don’t have any to waste. Take a moment today to get in touch with our team to explain your situation and hear more about our services. We are ready to tackle this job and bring life back to normal as soon as possible!

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