To keep the crawl space under your Winston-Salem area home dry, you have a couple of different options. This article will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of both crawl space encapsulation and a vapor barrier, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


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A Basic Comparison

To get started, it will be helpful to look at the basics of what these two options are and how they work to keep moisture out of your crawl space.


      Vapor barrier. You can think of this option as the basic, standard way to keep a crawl space drier. Basically, a vapor barrier is nothing more than a layer of plastic that is laid down on the ground. The dirt ground that is found in your crawl space can allow moisture to come up into the space, so this thin plastic is laid down to help stop that from happening. Between the vapor barrier on the ground and the vents around the sides, you might be able to maintain a moderate level of moisture below the building using this method.


      Crawl space encapsulation. A crawl space encapsulation is a dramatic upgrade from a simple vapor barrier. The concept here is similar, only it goes a whole lot farther as do the results. With encapsulation, thicker plastic will be used, and everything will be sealed up throughout the crawl space. That includes the vents and any other openings that lead to the outside. If you are hoping to avoid future mold remediation projects in your crawl space, encapsulation is the way to go.


A Long List of Benefits

If you are going to make the investment required to have your crawl space encapsulated, you’ll want to know that there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed after the project is completed. Fortunately, that is the case – especially when you work with the professionals at AdvantaClean to make sure this project is done right the first time. In addition to avoiding mold problems, there are many other ways you stand to gain –


      Homes with an encapsulated crawl space tend to have better air quality and spend less month after month on energy costs

      If there are active critters in your area, they will be kept out of the crawl space thanks to the durable plastic that is used and the complete seal that is created

      High humidity under your home could lead to elevated humidity levels inside the house, but that problem will be eliminated when encapsulation is completed

      You’ll be protecting the overall condition of your home, which stands to improve resale value


With so much to gain and given the modest overall cost of this type of project, encapsulation is something that every homeowner in the Winston-Salem area should carefully consider. Get in touch with AdvantaClean right away to learn more about how you can benefit from having your crawl space encapsulated. 

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