On your list of house maintenance tasks to keep up with, cleaning the vent behind your dryer probably isn’t anywhere near the top. In fact, at the moment, it might not be on the list at all. It’s time that changed, however, as maintaining a clean dryer vent is an important maintenance task for a few reasons – and those reasons will be highlighted in the article below.


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1 – Dryer Performance

A clogged dryer vent is likely to take a toll on the performance of your dryer. The vent is supposed to take the hot, wet air that is produced inside the dryer and dump it outside where it can float away. When the vent is at least partially clogged, however, that air can’t move away as easily, and the environment inside the dryer will remain damp. That means it takes longer to dry your clothes, and your machine will have to work harder and use up more energy along the way.


2 – Fire Risk

Most of the time, dryers are very safe appliances. When you allow your vent to become clogged, however, that safety can quickly go downhill. A collection of lint waiting in the vent to become heated when the dryer is run presents a fire hazard, so keeping this space clean is important if for no other reason than the safety of your home and those living in it.


3 – Protect Your Equipment

When your dryer has to work harder than it would otherwise, its components will be stressed, and you may find yourself facing repairs sooner than you think. Given this factor, investing the small amount of money required to have the vent professionally clean can be seen as a smart investment. You can think of it as allowing your dryer to breathe – with the vent clean, the hot air and moisture can escape and everything else can work as it should.


4 – Energy Consumption

We mentioned this issue briefly above, but it deserves a point of its own. Dryers use a lot of energy to run each cycle, so you certainly don’t want to do anything that causes yours to pull in even more power. That’s what will happen when the vent is clogged, however, since the drying cycle will take longer to complete. Whether you want to manage energy consumption for the betterment of the environment or simply to keep your bills down, a clean and clear vent is to your advantage.


5 – Avoid Mold

Did you know that it is possible for mold to develop in your dryer vent? When you think about this risk, it makes sense, since all the ingredients are there for mold to grow. There is moist air coming from the dryer, and the environment is dark inside the tube. Having your dryer vent cleaned regularly will remove the lint buildup that could serve as a home for an unwanted mold colony.

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