Efficient Cleanup and Recovery After Lexington Storm Damage

Call AdvantaClean for Rapid Storm Cleanup Response


After a significant Lexington area storm, whether a heavy thunderstorm or hurricane, the damage can be immense. Even a moderate thundershower with strong gusts can bring wind and water damage. Rather than letting the situation worsen by waiting to call professionals or trying DIY, your trusted team at AdvantaClean of West Columbia can quickly assess the fallout. We have streamlined our processes and disaster recovery efforts to help area customers handle their storm damage cleanup when they need it most. 

What Can I Do While Waiting for Storm Damage Cleanup in Lexington to Start?

Returning to your home can feel overwhelming if you were made to take shelter or evacuate due to an area storm. The damage could be considerable, but you must ensure you can stay safe. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Stay out of any structure surrounded by floodwater.

  • Remain clear of loosened or fallen power lines.

  • Do not use or drink your home’s tap water until local authorities give the green light.

  • Never eat food in your fridge if the temps have gone above 40 degrees for two hours or more.

  • Be mindful of fallen building materials, loose tree branches, and other outdoor debris.

  • If you must enter your home with standing floodwater, always wear protective clothing like boots, gloves, and a respirator if possible.

What to Expect After a Major Storm Event

Once the storm and damage have settled, take photographs of impacted areas for your insurance claim. Many people also consider storm-proofing installation if they need to rebuild any portion of their Lexington home. Our AdvantaClean of West Columbia team is happy to discuss all repair and restoration needs with you during our initial assessment and through each step of the process. Here are some tips:

  • Remember, you may have short and long-term goals. Temporary repairs can be done, and you can plan for permanent structural repair as needed.

  • Only tackle reconstructions if you have the capability and knowledge to do so.

  • Safety should be considered above all else, which is why DIY storm cleanup is rarely recommended. Our water damage company can assess your structural elements and promptly address all contaminants. 

Trust Your Local Water Damage Restoration Team

Crawlspace, basement, and ground floor flooding can mean hazardous conditions for someone untrained and unprepared. AdvantaClean of West Columbia knows how to execute moisture control and the best steps for implementing water mitigation without issue. We arrive with all our equipment and start planning your project within hours of your call. 

  • Our team understands how devastating a storm or hurricane can be. We work to help you with storm recovery as safely and efficiently as possible. 

  • We have experience with all major insurance companies, allowing us to help you file your claim correctly. 

  • With multiple locations, we can mobilize fast to help ensure your home or business returns to pre-damage condition. 

Remember that the sooner you receive assistance from trusted water damage remediation professionals, the sooner your property can return to its pre-storm state. Our restoration experts will be a phone call away to help you limit secondary damage and the possibility of mold growth. 

Helpful Preventative Steps to Lessen Storm Damage

  • Remain proactive about ensuring adequate drainage, anchoring gutters, and repairing roofing.

  • Have backups of all your important family documents and essential data. 

  • Educate and train your family concerning an emergency plan.

  • Keep AdvantaClean of West Columbia’s number handy, and call us when you need us at 803-769-7983

Don’t wait when you have storm damage in Lexington that calls for rapid cleanup. AdvantaClean of West Columbia is here for 24/7 response so you can initiate recovery fast and return your life to normal.