AdvantaClean Provides Rapid Basement Flood Cleanup for Cayce Homes

Removing Basement Water Should Happen Fast 

When your Cayce home sees the destructive side of nature with flooding in the lowest levels of the property, the damage can be immense. Our experienced AdvantaClean rapid response team addresses post-storm damage in several ways, including board-up, extraction, content cleaning, and repairs. The removal of water and basement flood cleanup should happen right away to prevent the avoidable spread of blackwater and debris.

The Steps You Should Take First to Secure Your Home 

While much of the restoration and basement flood cleanup for Cayce homes falls to the capable hands of our AdvantaClean professionals, there are some ways that you can help the situation along. With the urgency of cleanup after a flood, you can help your case with a few steps:

  • Sever the Power – A flooded basement could also harbor dangers in the form of live electricity when water levels short out electronics or directly connect with outlets installed on the walls. You should disconnect the power to this house level if it is safe.

  • Get Your Family Safe –While you might want to prioritize the work that protects your home and preserves your belongings, you should always remain focused on the safety of those involved. 

  • Save What You Can – If the water level is minimal or even receded, it might be possible to save some of the contents impacted by the floodwater in harm's way. However, you and your family should avoid moving wet materials for the likelihood of contamination. 

AdvantaClean Objectives with Basement Flood Cleanup

  • Removing the Standing Water: Our AdvantaClean restoration professionals pull standing water and debris simultaneously from the floors using powerful extraction devices. This removal must be the first step to allow other restoration actions to follow suit with this threat addressed. 

  • Discarding Contaminated Materials: Wearing personal protective equipment to prevent cross-contamination with ruined contents and building materials, our experts carefully discard flood-exposed items and surface materials. 

  • Cleaning Up After Flooding: Flooding introduces mud, dirt, and debris into your home. These residues can cover the concrete pad, walls, and contents. We use shovels, vacuums, and other instruments to remove the buildup of debris. This muck-out cleaning allows our AdvantaClean professionals to better assess the condition of the remaining structural elements. 

  • Surface Cleaning: Using chlorine-based decontaminants and disinfection products, we can eliminate bacterial and microbial threats developing on surfaces that do not require removal. We are careful to clean all exposed areas, not discarded, to stop the concerns of mold and pathogenic particulates. 

  • Inhibiting Mold: Our AdvantaClean restoration and cleaning team focuses on keeping the non-porous surfaces and materials in rooms nearby from developing mold. Contaminants and bacteria can amplify the likelihood of mold growth in moist environments, so preventing development on surfaces is a proactive approach to avoid costlier repairs and remediation.

Post-Flood Construction Solutions

It can be calming to see your home returning to normal after flood damage, but basement flood cleanup must also focus on how the water entered the structure in the first place. With a contractor license, our AdvantaClean team can work fast to complete needed repairs and total reconstruction of wall systems in the basement. Any compromise in the structural integrity is something hydrostatic pressure and trapped water in masonry cells can exploit. We provide long-term solutions through construction and repairs that overcome these envelope vulnerabilities and keep water outside where it belongs.

Basement flooding is one of the most challenging situations for a homeowner to face, and when it is your home, you need immediate assistance. You can count on the fast response and extensive experience of our AdvantaClean of West Columbia team. We can roll out fast from 123 Centrum Dr #4, Irmo, SC 29063, to respond to your damaged basement. When a disaster strikes, leaving your home facing pooling water, call (803) 769-7983.