The Purpose of a Mold Inspection

In the simplest explanation, a mold inspection conducted by our AdvantaClean specialists helps to confirm the presence of mold in your house. However, our involvement goes beyond verifying the presence of mold and begins the preparation and data collection necessary to transition into the next phase of cleanup and remediation. Your family’s safety and well-being are paramount to our professionals, so we are thorough and meticulous with gathered information to ensure the appropriate measures get taken through mitigation and removal steps.

More Than Confirming Mold Growth 

A mold inspection in your Buford home does much more than validate your colonization concerns. You might already know that mold exists in many cases because you see the spotting on surfaces with consistent moisture damage. Therefore, while the inspection and assessment can corroborate the findings of mold growth, it is also meant to serve several other purposes which encourage the use of professional remediators, like:

  • Discovering the Full Scope of Damage

Our professionals must learn how mold damage has impacted your property and what we must do to start counteracting these effects and protecting what matters most to your family. Our initial steps in this process serve to trace and track the full scope of the damage to your property, identifying the migration of mold spores and impacted surfaces even far from the most heavily influenced portions.

  • Cataloging Loss and Damages

Via both composing documents and taking photographs as evidence and proof, a priority of the mold damage inspection process is collecting information about ruined materials and contents. Mold can be destructive and aggressive, so when widespread colonies exist, likely connected irreparable harm also occurs.

  • Developing a Custom Remediation Plan 

Another vital element of the inspection process is using collected data to formulate a custom restoration and remediation plan. Every home is unique in size, shape, and obstacles for our recovery specialists. We listen to your priorities and input, shaping a straightforward remediation strategy around gathered documentation and data.

  • Working with Insurance Providers 

A tedious aspect of restoration and remediation is working with insurance providers for damage claim approval. We are preferred vendors working closely with many companies around Norcross and Buford to expedite claims and begin remediation work quickly. We also help you determine if an approved claim is possible and whether paying for a minor restoration out of pocket could be more cost-effective.

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford Can Help

From the moment we arrive, we get to work on determining the extent of the damage to your home and protecting those exposed to worsening conditions. We have skilled professionals capable of erecting physical containment barriers, and we understand the importance of reducing the migration of spores by shutting off air circulation devices and systems throughout the inspection and often beyond. Now, our team can work on tracking the extent of the mold and moisture damage and what we can do to resolve it.

Every plan needs to be put into action. With the information gathered and compiled during our thorough mold inspection process, our AdvantaClean professionals are ready to begin the work to remediate the mold threat and restore your home’s original appearance and function. With end-to-end recovery solutions, our roster can help overcome nearly all obstacles in complete remediation, cleaning, deodorization, and repairs.

Every effective mold remediation process begins with a thorough mold inspection process. We discover the scope of the damage involved, catalog losses, and create a custom remediation and removal plan specific to your house and family’s needs. When mold is an issue in your life, AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford can be there fast to help when you call (470) 819-2070.

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