AdvantaClean Offers Various Water Damage Repairs 

When you first recognize a developing disaster like a burst pipe or leak in your house, you typically only consider some of the upcoming restoration and reconstruction phases. With AdvantaClean, you don't have to pursue and vet multiple contractors to manage your home's recovery steps, as we have the experience to complete needed restoration and water damage repairs for your Johns Creek home under the same roof. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that your family is not displaced longer than necessary during needed cleanup and repairs.

When facing standing water and ruined contents, you might not initially consider the valuable role of water damage repair for your Johns Creek home. This approach helps when it is vital to remove wet materials that could collapse or to prevent potential mold growth. This phase is also critical in repairing broken pipes and fixtures in your house that caused the disaster. Our experience as general contractors is crucial to returning your home to pre-loss condition. 

What Is Controlled Demolition?

Water damage remediation and cleanup must often begin with our AdvantaClean professionals determining the ruined materials and contents of your home. Cataloging loss is essential for completing insurance work and preventing unsafe conditions for your family or the restoration crew during the recovery. Controlled demolition is a process used by licensed contractors like ours to remove only the destroyed structure and not cost you more time or money.

Another consideration to assist water cleanup to be more effective in your house is creating direct paths to the damaged areas. The destruction from leaks or pipes bursting can continually supply water against exposed building materials until the service is severed and the plumbing breach gets repaired. Our contractors must perform careful, controlled demolition on specific pieces of a wall assembly heavily exposed to water damage or hindering the plumbing repairs needed to reestablish service to your house.

  • Drywall

  • Baseboard

  • Insulation

  • Framing

Emergency Repairs Slow Damage 

Water is continually in motion and flux in your home after a disaster, making tracking and containing this threat a challenge. Warm spaces seek a balance with cold ones. High pressure is moving to low-pressure areas. Wet is looking for dry materials to impact. Slowing this migration and damage involves our contractors as well, as we will work quickly to reach the cause of the water damage and repair it to prevent continued concerns. Emergency repairs also involve covering structural openings that might allow unwanted moisture, contaminants, or intruders. 

How Far Did the Damage Go? 

Even with the effective mitigation and restoration skills of our AdvantaClean team, several direct actions might be needed to determine the extent of water damage to the property. Tracking moisture migration shows the path of moving water and how porous materials have permitted absorption. Early water removal tracked with discovery tools is focused, allowing AdvantaClean to better manage pressing concerns like mold growth, structural deterioration, and environmental moisture. Standard instruments from our inventory include: 

  • Moisture sensors

  • Humidity tracking

  • Surface meters

Reconstructing Your Home After Water Damage 

While you might recognize our AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford professionals for our expertise and knowledge of water cleanup, we are also proficient as general contractors in completing repairs and reconstruction. Repairs are among the final steps needed to get your house back after a disaster, from replacing the removed portion of plumbing following a leak to replacing entire panels in wall systems impacted by saturation. 

Repairs are a natural component of restoring and recovering your home after a disaster. Water damages are among the most common service callout for our AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford team, so we stay prepared for the restoration and build-back work necessary to get life back to normal. Call us at (470) 819-2070 or visit our convenient location at 3050 Business Park Drive #D, Norcross, GA, 30071, to get the help your home needs.

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