Minimize Suwanee Basement Flooding Damage 

When you find yourself knee-deep in a basement flood at your Suwanee property, would it surprise you to know you could have avoided the worst of the disaster? Although flooding seems relentless, attention paid to maintaining sound rainfall, water, and waste management systems can limit damage. Consult AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford to identify ways to halt or greatly minimize exposure to water incursion.

How Do Gutters and Roofs Prevent Basement Flooding 

A Suwanee basement flood can be inevitable when a dam breaks or “once in a century” rainfall occurs. But some buildings weather severe storms and events with little to no adverse effects. Robust roof materials and a well-designed and frequently updated drainage system prevent leaks and seepage that otherwise lead to basement flooding.

  • Sturdy shingles, decking, and flashings keep water on the outside.

  • Excess runoff channeled into an integrated system of gutters angles the flow into downspouts. 

  • Extensions from the ground-level downspout end should send the water at least ten feet away from the perimeter of your property.

Without these safeguards, rain falls directly next to your foundation, pooling up and eventually seeping through garden-level windows, cracks, and the building materials, typically cinder blocks, cement, stones, bricks, or something similar.

What About Grading and Landscaping Decisions?

Persistently wet areas abutting foundations create positive water pressure against the basement walls, permitting flooding. The ground immediately next to your Suwanee home or business must slope down and away, encouraging precipitation to flow away from the foundation. A one-inch decline per foot away from the building is typically recommended. Plantings surrounding the property should not interfere with this grading. Be careful that landscaping irrigation does not result in chronically saturated ground touching the foundation of your property. 

  • Monitor the condition and operation of automatic sprinkling systems. 

  • Leaks in supply lines and glitches in the programming of sprinkling patterns can allow significant water saturation, which is very concerning if you are absent and attending to other obligations.

Can Sewer Backups Be Avoided?

Your property waste lines usually drain into a central line in your basement. That main property waste line dives underground from your lower level to connect with the municipal sanitary sewer. Many things can block the free flow of sewage out of your property, resulting in a backwash into your basement of toxic water filled with chemical and organic hazards:

  • Clogs of debris from kitchen and bathroom plumbing

  • Roots that intrude in your yard through the waste pipe

  • Aging and broken pipes, sometimes constructed of wood and clay, and often lead

  • Overwhelmed municipal sewers during heavy rains, unable to handle your waste, plus flooding contaminated water from all sources into your basement

Regularly schedule drain inspections and maintenance to prevent sewer backups. Ensure that no one disposes of substances and items that can block drains through your wastewater system. 

Whether you are looking for ways to avoid or recover rapidly from Suwanee basement floods, AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford has practical answers. Call us at (470) 819-2070 24/7 for prompt, professional help.

Extreme weather, poorly installed drainage components, or deferred maintenance for waste lines can spell disaster for property owners. Choosing well-designed and consistently upgraded drainage and waste systems is your best chance to keep Suwanee basement flooding to a minimum. Keep an eye on landscaping and irrigation decisions as well. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained work crews from AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford not only offer these practical tips to keep water out of your lowest levels but also can deliver a fast response to contain and extract the often-contaminated fluids if the flooding finds a way inside despite prevention efforts.

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