Why Hire Expert Help for Norcross Sewage Cleanup?

When you need sewage cleanup in Norcross, the challenge faced is not like that created by ordinary water damage. Wastewater backing up and spreading in your home or business can pose significant health risks for both occupants and those who attempt to remove it. Having trained and certified experts like the technicians from AdvantaCare in your corner ensures a fast and safe resolution of a frightening and difficult problem.

What Causes Sewers and Drains to Backup?

Flooding in your Norcross basement or bathroom from a clogged or broken waste line is an emergency. The backflow of solid debris and filthy water often occurs without warning, but the conditions creating the crisis might have been building over time. Reasons for contaminants reentering your home from the pipes intended for sanitary disposal include:

● Blockage in the pipe between the municipal sewage system and your home or business is linked to the introduction of or build-up of solid items into your waste line when items drop into sinks and toilets

● Broken, aging, or defective waste lines that no longer align properly or suffer cracks or collapses

● Growth of tree and other plant roots into the pipeline, gaining entry through connections and gradually clogging the flow or strangling and breaking pipes as roots surround the lengths

● Stormwater or other fluids from a neighborhood waste or supply line break that overwhelm the municipal sanitary system, forcing water and contaminants to move back into your basement, toilets, and shower or floor drains

How Dangerous Are Sewer Backups?

Sewer contents often include gray or Category 2 water like bathtub or shower contents or clothes or dishwashers. Rapid remediation of this moderately tainted fluid is essential to protect flooded structural components, but a more significant concern is the Category 3 water used in flush toilets. Human waste intended for the city sanitation system or a septic tank can return through the plumbing during a sewer backup. A broad range of infectious organisms and toxic materials spill into your property when the waste flow reverses, including:

● Parasites

● Viruses

● Bacteria

● Fungi  

Will Partnering with AdvantaClean Improve Norcross Sewage Cleanup Outcomes?

Handling the threats contaminated water poses without training and protective interventions exposes you, your family, and other occupants of affected premises to the potential of injury and illness. AdvantaClean offers a practical and prompt solution when we send trained and properly equipped crews to assist. Our technicians master Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework addressing the most reliable and research-based methods to perform sewage cleanup long before answering your call. We adhere to the best practices developed by the IICRC during the assessment of your sewer backup scenario and create a plan that involves:

● Possible temporary evacuation of occupants during the sewage cleanup

● Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety and preventing the spread of contaminated water and residues into unaffected areas of your property

● Containment of the workspace with heavy-duty plastic wrapping and negative pressure air scrubbing technology

● Comprehensive removal of wastewater and debris, using locally regulated methods to store and dispose of the contaminants

● Structural drying to meet goals set by technicians trained in moisture management and monitoring, limiting secondary and mold damage

● Thorough cleaning of all soiled surfaces, employing EPA-registered products and IICRC-sanctioned strategies

● Disinfection by broadcast and surface application of EPA-registered antimicrobials 

Rely on AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford for help with the challenges of toilet or waste line backups in your home or business. 

Norcross sewage cleanup is a specialized service AdvantaClean of Buford and Norcross offers because of our commitment to caring for the health and well-being of our customers and community. Our crews are trained, experienced, and properly equipped to manage your contaminated water damage project safely and promptly.   

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