When Mold Inspections are Recommended in Johns Creek

At AdvantaClean, we are proud of our reputation as a reliable and reputable resource for mold inspection. Johns Creek residential and commercial buildings can suffer significant damage when microbial infestations break down the structure of organic components such as wood framing, drywall, insulation, and textiles. If exposed and susceptible, occupants of affected properties might experience health effects from airborne spores and debris. Getting ahead of these issues justifies mold inspection at the following times:

● Before and during real estate transactions

● After water or storm damage that creates lingering moisture issues

● After an uptick in unexplained respiratory problems among family members, tenants, employees, or others in the space

● As musty odors become obvious

● When surface staining or other obvious signs of fungal colonies appear

● If spaces inside the property seem humid and building materials appear damp, bulging, or starting to crumble

What Happens During AdvantaClean Mold Inspection?

A typical mold inspection in Johns Creek includes a visual examination of the surfaces and contents of a home or business. Property owners who found visible evidence of fungal growth or damage should lead the AdvantaClean assessor to suspected colony activity, centering the investigation by our professionals. We continue searching to determine the extent of the infestation after reviewing the information our customer shares. The technician conducting the assessment must have the use of basic tools such as flashlights to illuminate dark corners and step stools or ladders to catch a glimpse of any growth on high surfaces. Sometimes camera images, using zooming technology, help sort ordinary dirt from tell-tale signs of multiplying organisms. 

Why Does AdvantaClean Evaluation Focus on Moisture?

AdvantaClean inspectors understand the relationship between microbial growth and moisture, including high humidity in Johns Creek. Spores are always airborne or settled on surfaces within your property, causing little to no concern. When the microscopic spores absorb water, however, germination and reproduction of the fungi begin, resulting in rapidly spreading colonies. Our technicians ask property owners about previous leaks and water damage to pinpoint likely places to inspect for mold outbreaks that we might not otherwise check. We also employ moisture detectors and moisture meters to map the moisture perimeters and quantities. Thermo-hygrometers measure indoor ambient temperature and humidity. Keeping a steady eye on moisture management concerns in your Johns Creek home or commercial building provides the data needed to steer our crew members to the areas needing attention.   

Is Testing for Spore Species Necessary? 

AdvantaClean takes an honest and level-headed approach when considering routine testing to establish the type of fungus involved. Our technicians have the technology, experience, and training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) to complete testing. We often tell our customers the process is unnecessary if we feel confident our thorough assessment of your building located the infestation.

What can and cannot testing accomplish?

● Testing can assist in identifying the specific strains of fungus growing within your property.

● Testing can help explain why susceptible occupants might be experiencing irritation, allergic reactions, and other forms of ill health because of the presence of spores, mycotoxins created by the fungal growth, and residues.

● In some circumstances where the colonies cannot be located reliably by other means, testing is an option to rule in or out the infestation and support possible controlled demolition to find hidden colonies.

● Test results do not change the essential elements of established EPA mold remediation protocols, so testing rarely changes the strategies used by AdvantaClean when the inspection reveals an infestation. In most cases where assessment does the trick, avoiding testing saves time and expense.

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When you are worried about suspected fungal damage in Johns Creek, working with an experienced and honest inspection firm is essential. AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford conducts microbial infestation evaluations with skill and integrity, minimizing unnecessary and costly testing procedures.

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