AdvantaClean Mitigation and Restoration Can Help You With Your Basement

Severe weather events happen with little warning and can leave Suwanee homes and businesses with the effects of flash flooding and other disasters. Your home is ill-equipped to withstand forceable blasts of water from these natural disasters, which can allow it to reach your basement level and collect. AdvantaClean has seen many instances of basement flooding and can help to get life back to normal quickly. 

How Flood Damage Impacts Your Basement 

Basement flooding for Suwanee homes can be overwhelming, especially with a finished lower property level used as living space. Flooded bedrooms or offices displace family members and prevent normal living conditions, not to mention providing ideal conditions for mold development, bacterial growth, and structural degradation with persistent dampness and wet materials.

The Process for Overcoming Flooded Basements 

Every flood scenario is unique, and you have your priorities for the responding restoration professionals for salvaging keepsakes, treasures, and heirlooms impacted by the changing conditions in your house. The recovery process, while customized to your specific property, often follows specific focal points, such as:

  • Extraction  

Standing water is a pressing concern for your household and your family. There are dangers present in the unknowns of floodwater, from contaminants to live creatures. The extraction must be the top priority for our emergency responders, and we work with many tools capable of managing both liquids and suspended solids, like trash pumps and truck-mounted extractors.

  • Drying

While the drying process often hinges on air movers and dehumidifiers working in tandem to address trapped moisture in porous materials, with flooding scenarios, it is more directed at the immediate efforts necessary to overcome any lingering surface water concerns. Toweling, mopping, and wet vacuuming can remove puddling.

  • Assessment

With much of the water damage resolved and remedied, we can fully assess structural integrity and the presence of microbial threats to clean and remove. AdvantaClean professionals catalog loss and communicate with the customer and the insurance provider about the most efficient approaches for further restoration.

  • Decontamination

Contaminants are concerned with intruding floodwater. Non-porous surfaces can be cleaned with strong disinfectants, while any porous materials or contents exposed get removed and discarded from the residence.

  • Mold Removal

Eliminating present mold is a substantial undertaking to protect any building materials that flooding did not destroy. When moisture and damp conditions persist for days, as is common with post-flood recovery, microbial development must be a factor in the disaster cleanup. We use sporicidal agents to address surface threats and more aggressive remediation tactics when needed.

  • Repairs 

A general contractor license allows us to complete build-back services and repairs needed to overcome the substantial damage that flooding has done to the property. While this might not mean the replacement of utilities, as with line breaks, it can often point to a need for new flooring, drywall, insulation, and trim.

  • Prevention 

Using proprietary products, AdvantaClean professionals can protect surfaces from hosting mold colonies. This preventative stage is also an opportunity for our team to complete any reconstruction that could aid in keeping water damage or flooding from recurring.

AdvantaClean is Ready to Help 

When facing natural disasters and harsh weather events, preparedness is vital. AdvantaClean professionals have a fleet of service vehicles and leading restoration equipment ready to mobilize fast when you need it. Our roster includes IICRC-accredited and experienced technicians to restore your flooded home to pre-loss condition. 

The entire state of Georgia can experience violent weather systems sweeping in from the Atlantic Ocean, showing the fiercest face of nature and creating scenarios favorable to flash flooding. If you are dealing with basement flooding in your Suwanee residence, AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford are ready to help when you call (470) 819-2070.

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