Agencies' Protocols that AdvantaClean's Certified Technicians Follow During Norcross Air Duct Maintenance

AdvantaClean of Norcross adheres to the training targets of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) and guidelines concerning indoor air quality (IAQ) promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when evaluating properties for duct cleaning services. The NADCA requires Norcross duct cleaning firms to have at least one certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff responsible for the inspection and resulting plan to clean and restore a customer's HVAC system per the association's standards and guidelines. Completing training and certification courses presented by the NADCA ensures AdvantaClean technicians have the requisite knowledge and hands-on experience to adhere to research-based and appropriately evolving protocols. 

Signs that Duct Cleaning Could Be Beneficial in Norcross

The EPA treads a conservative path when recommending Norcross air duct cleaning. A critical step is to make sure that any duct cleaning contractor hired complies with the NADCA air duct cleaning standards. If fiberglass duct board or fiberglass duct liner insulation is present, the firm should follow the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association's (NAIMA) recommendations. AdvantaClear meets or exceeds these expectations. The EPA interior air quality experts further describe the circumstances when cleaning of the HVAC system is supported:

Visual inspection of the hard surfaces inside the ductwork reveals substantial mold growth.

Vermin, including rodents, reptiles, or insects, infest the air ducts.

Excessive quantities of dust and debris clog the ducts, often accompanied by particles exiting the ductwork and entering your home through supply registers.

Family members in a home or occupants of a commercial building complain of unusual or unexplained symptoms or illnesses perhaps related to poor air quality after discussion with a health care provider concerning a potential connection.

Air Duct Cleaning Makes Sense After a Fire or Construction Project

When your Norcross property experiences unusually high levels of indoor particulates, an air duct cleaning can help prevent the continued dispersal of soot after a fire or airborne building material dust after a remodeling or repair project. If the home or business owner completely sealed off the HVAC system during the fire or the construction, it might be possible that no debris or residues entered the ductwork. Realistically, complete containment of the metal configuration snaking throughout your building is unlikely, especially during the chaos of a fire or rebuilding project. Have confidence that AdvantaClean can evaluate the condition of the air ducts after fire or construction particles soil their interiors and schedule a cleaning.

Property Owners Maximize the Benefits and Minimize the Risks of HVAC System Cleaning

We established that the crucial first step is hiring a trained, certified, and licensed contractor like AdvantaClean during duct cleaning in Norcross. Pairing duct cleaning with an overall HVAC system cleaning is the preferred approach, as cleaned air ducts become soiled again immediately if the home or commercial property owner ignores many other components of the comprehensive air quality configuration. Components needing inclusion in an overall HVAC cleaning service following NADCA standards include:

HVAC Ducts -- cleaning main supply and branch distribution ducts and air return ducts while sealing all access panels or job-specific holes created to reach the inner recesses of the system

Grills and Diffusers -- usually involving removal for cleaning followed by appropriate, sealed reinstallation

Furnace Plenums -- both the supply side and return air plenums 

Other Furnace Components

Clean the heat exchanger

Remove the blower motor, housing, and assembly for cleaning, then reinstall

Check the humidifier filter and drain pan -- change and empty if needed or wash a permanent media filter and reinstall

Clean the evaporator coil and check and clean the drain hoses and drain pan

Replace the furnace air filter as needed or wash a permanent media filter and reinstall

NOTE: AdvantaClean also removes lint from dryers and drying vents, a vital service as fire damage from lingering lint is a significant risk in homes, apartment buildings and other multiple-unit residences, and other commercial premises where laundry services are provided -- for example, health clubs, daycares, hair salons, dining establishments, laundromats, and more. 

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