Norcross Mold Removal Can Be a Hazardous Job 

Norcross mold removal can feel like a terrifying proposition. Well-intentioned family or colleagues with stories of the dangers predicted for you can fire your anxiety when you discover the tell-tale signs of spore growth and spread on your property. When mold remediators show up and don personal protective gear (PPE) to take on your property’s issues, your fears might increase. Although handling the tasks needed to eradicate active, growing colonies of various fungi requires staging affected building areas to resemble a sci-fi movie set; reasons underlie each step. AdvantaClean strives to explain the mold remediation process to customers, clarifying the unknown and assuring that the controls we use are necessary. Knowledge is power, and once Norcross property owners grasp the basics, we can work together to “power” through the present crisis and minimize the chance of it returning.

Norcross Mold Removal Basics

Spores are present in every environment, indoors as well as outdoors. These tiny “seed-like” particles are unnoticeable and cause few issues until activated by water. Then they swell and grow into organisms that feed on organic material, swiftly creating colonies that spread across surfaces. In nature, fungi have the essential job of breaking down waste. In our homes and businesses, they survive by breaking down building materials and, in the process, sometimes emit toxic byproducts that can irritate and even compromise the health of susceptible individuals. Dry interiors do not suffer from the effects of mold infestation, so moisture control is the key to managing and preventing damage and proliferation of substances that can affect occupants adversely.

Measuring Mold and Contaminates During Remediation

Because the musty-smelling colonies are unpleasant and the clean-up appears daunting, untrained individuals often search for a “hands-off” approach. Unfortunately, spraying the area with the latest advertised remover gives only temporary and incomplete relief. AdvantaClean follows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol which mandates physical loosening, bagging, and disposal of the organisms. Containment is required to prevent excess spores and debris drift during mechanical removal techniques followed by proven inhibition strategies. Here is what to expect from our team of PPE-clad technicians once a proper inspection by licensed contractors confirms the mold growth:

● We use heavy-duty polyethylene to wrap the affected space and further contain the atmosphere inside with negative pressure air scrubbers that send contaminates through HEPA filters before being exhausted to the outside.

● We employ brushes and scrapers to remove mold organisms and the underlying damaged materials thoroughly.

● We consider using controlled blasting techniques with gentle abrasives like soda or dry ice to remove organisms and incapacitate the hyphae (root-like structures that can infiltrate materials) from some porous surfaces--the damaged material must be durable enough to handle the blasting.

● We bag up the moldy debris and arrange for lawful disposal off-site.

● We use HEPA-filtered vacuums to suck up lingering dust and wipe down the area thoroughly.

● We apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit future growth.

Moisture Management Is Critical in Norcross Homes

In some ways, mold removal is the easiest part of Norcross mold remediation. AdvantaClean technicians see the evidence of mold growth and get rid of it in the present tense. It is vital to comprehend that as skilled as our IICRC and OSHA-trained crews are; we never promise to eliminate mold in your home or business. Once the active infestation is gone, the larger question is how to avoid repeating the problem. Although spores are always with us, property owners can control moisture. Our job is only done once we discuss practical ways home and business owners can manage the moisture that could fuel later outbreaks. Some tips include:

● Wipe up spills.

● Ensure plumbing lines and connections, supply, and waste, are intact without cracks or leaks.

● Maintain roofs, gutters, and downspouts to prevent water from entering from the exterior.

● Keep appliances operating correctly, including hoses, pumps, condenser coils, and drainage systems.

● Watch humidity in your property, aiming for 50 to 55 percent levels.

● Have HVAC systems inspected by licensed and certified contractors such as AdvantaClean, changing filters and cleaning as our professionals recommend.

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Demystify mold removal and remediation in Norcross by consulting with AdvantaClean. Rely on us to rid your property of active microbial colonies and help you plan for long-term inhibition of future outbreaks through sustainable moisture control.


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