Contact AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford if You Suspect Mold 

Nothing is worse than the damp and musty odors from mold development. If you can smell it but cannot see it, consider mold inspection and mitigation services for your Johns Creek home. Here at AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford, we have IICRC-certified technicians ready to provide prompt mold cleanup services. Contact us to speak with our customer care team, where we can gather information about your project and send a crew to your door as soon as possible. 

Whether you are purchasing a new Johns Creek home or wish to have a mold inspection at your current property, AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford is here to help. Mold testing by taking air and surface samples will help determine the type and level of colonization. Because fungus consists of tiny spores that travel through the air, it can begin spreading quickly. Before you know it, you could have colonies developing in several areas of your home. 

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • DIY black mold removal is never recommended due to the hazards and potential for causing further damage

  • There are some visible signs of mold, like patches or dark spots on surfaces, but others may be difficult to trace.

  • If you notice increased moisture or musty odors, a mildew or mold problem could develop in your home.

What About Mold Cleanup Products?

While some products on the market claim to eliminate microbial growth, a complete removal is impossible. Spores are all around us, so the best course of action is to hire trained professionals who understand best practices for safe, efficient remediation. AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford will help pinpoint the problem's root cause, mitigate the damage and ensure restoration gets underway. 

When you contact us for mold inspection and testing, we generally utilize the following methods:

  • Surface sampling by skimming surfaces to take samples and send them to a lab for further analysis. 

  • Air samples using spore traps are also sent to a lab to determine the type of microbial growth.

It is wise to mention that not all properties will need mold testing and inspection. If we can spot visible signs of microbial growth or note areas with musty odors and increased humidity, our team can get to work with detailed mold cleanup and sanitizing. 

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford takes the time to ensure no stone gets left unturned during your mold remediation project. We tailor services to meet the needs of your Johns Creek property so you can feel safe and confident with our results. Call us today at (470) 819-2070, and we can schedule a team to come out for an initial assessment as soon as possible. 

When it comes to ensuring your interior has excellent air quality and safe, clean surfaces, there is nothing like the AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford team.

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