Goals Make Fire Damage Restoration Efficient

It is easy for homeowners to look at their damaged properties and assume nothing can be done to return them to their original appearance. After a fire, your home can look its worst. Fire damage restoration must get started quickly, but even this should get streamlined to focus on cleaning priorities to prevent the situation from worsening. We set specific goals to help improve the efficiency of cleanup and smoke odor removal.

Every situation is unique in what is needed when fire damage restoration for your Norcross home gets considered. Fire in your kitchen will be treated differently than a fire in your living room. The priorities of cleanup and repair will change as well. Some of the specific goals we seek to address that might result in more significant harm to your house or family includes the following:

  • Soot

  • Water

  • Emergency Repairs

  • Malodors 

Cleaning Soot in Your House

You have likely seen pictures of homes that experience fire damage and other disasters, but there is nothing to prepare you for when those images are your own house. These are your possessions and the spaces providing comfort and safety. Your home is the most significant investment you’ve made. We work to address this threat of debris and collapsed building materials as soon as we arrive. 

All black residue on exposed surfaces and contents throughout your home is known as soot. This soil is a byproduct of partial combustion and one of the most threatening aspects of fire restoration. These particles are carcinogenic and microscopic, so they can find their way into tight crevices and cracks to make cleaning up a longer process. It can be dangerous, widespread, and just plain unattractive in your household. Efforts must get made to remove this surface buildup with solvents, detergents, and other cleaning products.

Water Damage after Fire Damage

You might not think water is a threat to a fire-damaged home, but it can impact the structure more than most believe. Water is vital and extinguishment efforts, leaving pools and puddles of water throughout affected property zones, making extraction and water cleanup an essential part of fire damage restoration for your house. This water will not dry and dissipate, creating an additional threat to weakened structures or developing secondary effects like mold.

Who Should Be Doing Repairs?

Rarely can you escape fire damage cleanup in your home without requiring build-back services and repairs. Fortunately, our professionals also have a general contractor license to complete demolition and repairs as necessary. It is important to focus first on removing structural hazards that could collapse or give way and threaten responding professionals or your family. It might be alarming to see your home missing some defining materials that make up wall systems and floors. We have the experience and capability to return this structure to normal after cleanup.

You Don’t Have to Live with the Smell

Undoubtedly one of the more challenging aspects of removing fire damage from your home or business is the lingering smell. Burning materials and smoke create a volatile environment it could be difficult for your family. Imagine the scent of a ruined dinner in the oven spread throughout the entire household and how overwhelming and nauseating that might be to experience for days on end. We have potent deodorants and cleaning products to help neutralize strong smells and provide effective smoke odor removal.

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford has seen a fair share of fire damage incidents in our years of service. We know that few things can be as stressful as this for a homeowner, so we carefully explain our processes and help you feel comfortable with what your home needs as we begin to mitigate loss and clean up the damage that fires can do. You can reach us by calling (404) 946-4043 or stopping by 3050 Business Park Drive #D, Norcross, GA 30071, to talk with us in person.