Solutions for Johns Creek Basement Flooding

Resolution of basement flooding in Johns Creek is not a “wait and see” proposition. The damage rising and pooling water does to the foundation, and any utility, storage, or living spaces below ground begins immediately. Without fast action, lingering effects create long-lasting issues in your home or commercial building. Fortunately, rapid mitigation and remediation of progressive building materials deterioration and secondary harm such as mold growth from flood waters are possible through prompt, professional interventions from AdvantaClean. Our trained workforce uses specialized equipment required to halt the spread of flooding, remove standing water, and dry out the lower-level structures affected.

What Causes Johns Creek Property to Flood?

When calculating your risk for Johns Creek basement flooding, torrential rains and winds accompanying storm activity might be the first thing that comes to mind. Experts rank overland flooding from storms and overflowing waterways as the culprit in 90 percent of the nation’s property damage. Although natural disasters frequently result in residents and businesses contending with rising water indoors, other events can and do contribute to flooding emergencies. Anytime an incident occurs that results in pooling water collecting in the basement of a structure, AdvantaClean approaches the challenges presented as a basement flood damage project. A complete list of flood damage predecessors includes:

● Overflowing waterways such as lakes or rivers (seasonal due to snow and ice melt or episodic due to rain storms or dam failures)

● Major plumbing fails (water heater rupture, supply line breaks with significant water release in lower level utility areas)

● Waste line backups of sewage (due to sewer line breaks or clogs or overwhelmed municipal sanitary sewer systems) 

● Missing, improperly installed, out-of-date, or plugged roof and gutter drainage systems (permitting precipitation runoff to saturate the ground adjacent to the foundation, facilitating silent but significant seepage into underground storage and living areas)

What Challenges Arise During Flooding Remediation?

Basement flooding can expose the occupants and contents of Johns Creek residences and commercial buildings to a broad range of environmental hazards as well as water damage. Rising waters can threaten the health and well-being of occupants through infectious organisms, toxins, and electrical or fuel line compromise because lower levels often contain utility systems, plumbing line entrances and exits, and household chemicals storage. The expert technicians from AdvantaClean must arrive quickly to assess the situation and plan for containment and removal of the flood water. Our work crews complete rigorous training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in preparation for:

● Evaluating the risk of structural weakening linked to flood water

● Checking for electric shock risks and gas or oil leaks

● Mucking out silt and sludge

● Planning for efficient and thorough removal of standing water using a variety of specialized professional equipment, including high-efficiency pumps and extractors

● Containing and lawfully disposing of the highly-contaminated fluids, referred to as Category 3 water

● Setting research-based drying goals using data from moisture detectors, moisture meters, and thermal hygrometers and also employing these tools for periodic verification that AdvantaClean’s air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers equipment operate and achieve the results planned

● Seeking for signs of secondary damage such as mold growth or contamination from dangerous compromised structural components (for example, unencapsulated asbestos and lead paint), chemicals, or sewage and other waste, and then arranging for appropriate interventions for these complications from certified and licensed contractors

● Cleaning and disinfecting soiled surfaces with EPA-registered products to sanitize your basement after flooding removal completes

● Following deodorization protocols to eliminate the source of malodors linked to the flood damage

Have confidence that AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford can deliver fast, high-quality basement flooding remediation in Johns Creek. Call (470) 819-2070 any hour of the day or night to schedule an assessment and coordinate a recovery plan with our professionals.

Johns Creek basement flood damage is no match for the skills of the AdvantaClean IICRC-trained technicians. Our specialized water removal and drying equipment inventory support best practice interventions to restore your property to pre-flood condition.

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