Property Damage from Flooding

After extreme storms in Buford, flood damage requires immediate mitigation and rapid remediation. Although the intensity of a severe rainstorm destroys your regular routine and instills a sense of helplessness, you must devise a plan to get matters under control immediately. Responding as rapidly as possible is the key to limiting progressive deterioration and secondary damage to your home or commercial property. Halting flood damage, also termed “flooding mitigation” in the disaster recovery industry, is a crucial step. Containing the footprint of flood damage as much as practical at the onset of a restoration project is a vital component of mitigation. Containment limits the duration of the disruption, saving time and expense. Expect the following from the AdvantaClean crew to facilitate effective containment and mitigation of flood damage:

● Securing of exteriors compromised from winds and debris with boards or tarps to stop the continuing breakdown of building materials and additional water incursion 

● Assessing the inside and out of your property to categorize water contamination and locate other hazardous substances and conditions (including sewage backups from overwhelmed sanitary systems)

● Implementing measures to control dangers to protect occupants and work crews during all phases of restoration scaled and appropriate to your property’s particular damage

● Employing research-based best practices to cordon off contaminated spaces and Category 2 and 3 water, including portable barriers and polyethylene wraps

● Using negative pressure air scrubbing technology to prevent airborne contaminants and malodors from infiltrating unaffected spaces in your property

How Professionals in Buford Approach Flood Damage

Rigorous training in targeted water removal, contaminant cleaning and sanitization, and structural drying forms the foundation of AdvantaClean’s Buford flood damage restoration plans. Our managers and technicians master both basic and advanced coursework and hands-on application from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is an international disaster restoration standards-setting and education organization. The concepts and skills taught are based on extensive research into the most effective ways to deliver successful outcomes after a crisis such as severe storm damage and flooding occurs. We also use cutting-edge equipment and cleaning and disinfection products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure efficacy and safety during the diligent work performed by our IICRC-certified crews. Examples of the tasks performed with appropriate machinery and tools include:

● Removal of deep water (two inches or more) with submersible pumps, some or all of which can handle a level of suspended debris (trash pumps)

● High-efficiency extraction of floodwater with both truck-mounted and portable units using wands 

● Containment of the contaminated water for disposal following local and state regulations for hazardous waste

● Cleaning and disinfection of flood damage soiled areas and surfaces, ensuring that infectious organisms, hazardous chemicals, and secondary damage such as mold are managed appropriately to industry and pertinent health agency standards 

● Testing of porous building materials to determine the perimeters of floodwater incursion using moisture detectors and meters

● Compiling the moisture data to assist in establishing drying goals pertinent to each type of structure damaged

● Designing drying configurations using heaters, air movers, and axial fans to accelerate the evaporation of water from saturated structures for capture by dehumidifiers and eventual disposal away from the storm-damaged property

The team at AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford mobilizes as soon as possible to assist residents and businesses struggling with flood damage during the aftermath of storm activity. Call (470) 819-2070 to schedule a comprehensive assessment of the impact of high winds, torrential precipitation, and overland flooding.

When a storm invades the comfort and function of your home or business, you need to partner with highly-skilled professionals using specialized equipment to remove the contaminated water, clean and disinfect surfaces, and dry out the spaces swiftly and with a minimum of further disruption. AdvantaClean offers Buford flood damage services from an IICRC-certified firm established as a property restoration leader in the community.

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