Understanding a Restoration Timeline for Your Home After Water Damage.

Homes are at risk from potential water damage from a variety of sources, from plumbing or roof leaks to broken appliances. Fast mitigation is critical to reducing permanent and irreversible damage to the structure and your personal belongings in each situation. Understanding the pace of water damage events can illustrate the need for fast action.

Damages That Can Affect Your Home Immediately

As water accumulates, absorption into sensitive building materials begins almost immediately, making water damage restoration for Norcross homes a critical effort. Carpeted flooring is among the most rapidly impacted materials as water saturates fibers completely, quickly moving through to the layers of padding and underlayment.

The Effect of Water After Several Hours 

After several hours, water damage can saturate building materials to create a balanced moisture and temperature environment. Once materials like wood flooring planks become saturated, there is a finite timeline to utilize natural processes like capillary suction to protect the individual components of the floor against trapped water.

Within this same time frame, carpeting can begin to delaminate, where the individual layers separate from one another. It is critical for responding restorers to focus on rapid water removal solutions that pull moisture from all layers of the flooring system to avoid costly replacements. 

A Water Damage Event Days Later

Even after several days of exposure, the damage a home experiences continues to worsen. After more than 72 hours of moist conditions and warmer temperatures, the likelihood of microbial development such as mold growth is high. Prolonged saturation can also lead to permanent structural damage to flooring and wall assemblies.

Choosing the AdvantaClean Approach 

When you make the decision to hire professional restoration, look no further than the knowledgeable and affordable approach of our AdvantaClean team. Our IICRC experts understand the behavior of water and utilize cutting-edge technologies to overcome pressing needs for mitigation and drying. With our 25 years of experience, we are a trusted name to help when disasters strike.

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