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Recovering from a fire emergency is an ordeal, affecting residential and commercial properties in the Norcross and Buford area. Dealing with the charring, soiling, and other damage is overwhelming to homeowners and is challenging even in business settings where in-house or contracted cleaning crews attempt to manage it. Fire cleaning needs specialized training, products, and equipment rarely possessed by homeowners or ordinary cleaning providers. So to answer the question, call us because we are nearby, available 24/7, and IICRC certified.  Our team near Buford and Norcross can respond to your fire damaged property, often before the insurance adjusters arrive. We’ll help secure your home or business and prep the space for rebuilding.

What Complicates Fire and Smoke Clean-Up? 

When a blaze moves through your Norcross or Buford property, a wide range of different building materials and contents provide the fuel. As the structures, fixtures, equipment, furnishings, personal property, inventory, and other articles combust, smoke arises as a byproduct. Solid particles consisting of incompletely combusted materials, called soot, float in the air, coloring the smoke until they deposit on surfaces and work their way into cracks and crevices. Each type of residue requires a specific cleaning strategy. Furthermore, the residues are corrosive to structures and may contain toxic and carcinogenic substances. AdvantaClean has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to manage damaging and hazardous fire residues safely, protecting property and occupants from contaminants.

How Do AdvantaClean Technicians Learn About and Choose Among Soot Cleaning Strategies?

Our Norcross and Buford AdvantaClean crews study the science of soot identification at the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classes offered at AdvantaClean's training center. Technicians master how to match soot removal products and methods to the particular soiling found, which can vary from room to room within a property. The protocol once AdvantaClean arrives at a fire scenario includes: 

● Locating the soot residues, which can spread on superheated air currents far from the ignition site, potentially soiling surfaces in every space of a home or commercial building

● Determining if the soot is dry, wet, or protein-based and identifying whether wet soot is water-based or oil-based

● Evaluating the durability of affected surfaces to guide the intensity of cleaning actions

● Breaking the bond between the soot and the soiled surface using dry and wet cleaning approaches:

● Brushing, dusting, and vacuuming away dry and ashy soot following wood and paper fires

● Dissolving or emulsifying wet soot residues after choosing effective chemical cleaners in solution to spray and wipe or immerse soot-covered surfaces

● Water-based cleaners used for water-soluble soot

● Oil-based cleaners used for oil-soluble soot

● Employing a variety of tactics, tools, and additives to speed up the release process:

○ Increasing the heat of a cleaning solution to bump up the chemical actions of dissolving or emulsifying

○ Extending the dwell time a cleaner remains in contact with the soiling -- "soaking" it off

○ Adding grit to a surface cleaner or scrubbing with an abrasive tool to leverage the power of abrasion to lift soot from fire damaged materials

Can AdvantaClean Resolve Secondary Fire Damage?

Fire damage scenes nearly always need firefighting water removal and drying, professional services offered by your local AdvantaClean. Lingering malodors are another issue during a fire's aftermath. Specially trained AdvantaClean technicians armed with innovative products and equipment follow up with customers experiencing persistent smokey odors, especially after kitchen fires. Our local presence permits AdvantaClean to work as long as necessary with residential or commercial customers to eliminate fire odors. 

The AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford team is ready to help mitigate, remediate, and restore properties damaged by fire. 

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