Microbial growth is a common issue in many properties, often undetected until it becomes a substantial problem. Professional mold remediation is the process of removing colonies and preventing future growth within the home. It would help if you took swift action should you suspect any possible fungal growth developing within your Johns Creek property to avoid further issues and hazards. AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford is not only here to help with all your black mold removal needs, but our technicians are also available to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Identifying the Mold for Removal

The initial step for any mold remediation project is identifying the issue within your home. When you call us for black mold removal in Johns Creek, these are some things to remember:

  • Mold can develop anywhere with moisture and the right temperature, including ceilings, walls, and floors.

  • The type of mold must be identified to determine the proper methods for cleanup.

  • Black mold is prevalent in many properties. 

  • We can take air and surface samples to get sent off for further testing at a laboratory. 

Containment of all Impacted Areas

After the microbial growth is identified, the next step will be to contain affected areas. Spores can spread rapidly to other zones within your home if they become dislodged and travel through the air. Our AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford technicians use thick poly sheeting and negative air pressure systems to isolate all impacted areas to limit the spread of spores. These steps are critical to eliminate further contamination and ensure effective mold removal.

Mold Cleanup

We then move into the cleanup phase, which may involve several methods to achieve desired results. The selected process depends on the type of microbial growth present and the extent of damage. 

  • Dry cleaning involves wiping away spores using a dry cloth. 

  • Wet-vacuuming includes using a vacuum system with a water filtration unit to pull up spores. 

  • Biocides are chemical solutions that help to kill the spores. 

Our technicians are highly-trained and have hands-on experience in various mold situations. We know which methods work best given all the factors involved in your project. 

Drying and Dehumidification Go Hand-In-Hand

Once mold gets removed, we work to dry and dehumidify everything to discourage future outbreaks and protect your interior. The team returns relative humidity (RH) to normal levels, uses moisture detection tools to locate any problem areas, and applies sanitizing techniques to ensure all rooms have a deep level of cleanness you can feel confident about. 

Professionals best handle mold remediation so you can trust our methods and techniques at AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford. When you need someone to help with black mold removal in Johns Creek, call our offices at (470) 819-2070 so we can send a crew out to begin mold inspection, followed by cleanup and remediation—Trust AdvantaClean for a healthy home or business.

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