How Common is Mold Inside a Property?

Mold is more common to area homes and businesses than it might seem. After moist conditions persist for a couple of days, naturally occurring mold spores can settle and become active, growing mold colonies. Black mold is a potential health concern and among the more alarming microorganisms that might impact your property.  

Assessing the Spread of Mold Damage

Before black mold removal for Johns Creek homes can begin, our professionals must determine the spread and reach of active colonization. Since black mold growth is an aggressive threat to the house, containment should be established as soon as organisms are identified.

Is Mold Hazardous to Those Exposed? 

Under the right conditions, mold can be a health hazard to those exposed, but the real threat lies with the potential damage the organism can cause to building materials. When infestation impacts available surfaces and contents, certain elements like drywall and carpeting might be unsalvageable.

Why is Black Mold a Concern?  

While our experienced team might encounter hundreds of mold types during remediation and restoration, black mold is among the most alarming to discover. Unlike some benign mold growth, Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) microbes aggressively seek new hosting materials, so the spread can be fast and steady. Many correlate black mold with toxicity, and prolonged exposure to the organism’s mycotoxins can cause negative health effects. The safe solution is to have the situation assessed and remediated by experienced professionals.

Trusting the AdvantaClean Approach to Mold Remediation

It would be wise if you act quickly when contending with mold colonies of any type in your home. Not only can these organisms potentially cause health effects, but their destructive nature must be stopped before substantial damage occurs to the structure. Here are some of the remediation options, based on the type of affected material and the damage:

● Sanding

● Media Blasting

● Antimicrobial Cleaning

As experienced remediation professionals, you can count on AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford to help. 

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