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AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans

We are committed to the health and well-being of our community.

- Scott Phillips, Owner

AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans is locally-owned and operated by Scott M. Phillips and Jonathan P. Porter. Our promise to you is to provide the best service experience possible. We pride ourselves on maintaining a staff of professionals who possess industry-leading expertise and continuing education. Whether responding to emergency water damage or a hidden mold or moisture intrusion, we ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

One thing the Deep South has no shortage of is moisture, and this means that contaminants like black mold and other environmental toxins are a constant threat to your home and business. So if you’ve got any concerns about moisture control, it’s time to call AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans. For over 20 years, AdvantaClean has been the trusted name for mold remediation and mold removal services. We have the training, tools and certifications to give you the best mold inspection and mold testing services in the industry. Say goodbye to black mold for good – contact us today!

Mold Removal, Water Damage, and Air Duct Cleaning Services in New Orleans, LA

Why worry about getting a mold inspection or mold testing any longer? You already know that water damage doesn’t get better with time – unless you take action. So call us today at AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans for a timely, affordable mitigation solution for your sewer cleanup or other water removal need. From your crawl space moisture and basement moisture in the lower level to your dryer vent cleaning and attic at the top, we’ve got your home covered with the best training, equipment and people in the South.

Call us now at AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans for unparalleled mold removal, water damage and air duct cleaning services. Your loved ones at home and your valued colleagues at work will thank you! For cleaner, better living: AdvantaClean is the right choice, every time.

Water damage restoration can be a real headache, but we can turn your nightmare into relief a lot faster than you might think. And, we won’t break the bank to do it! Let our friendly, skilled service professionals give you a mitigation plan today for your flood cleanup and water removal needs. From flooding to sewer cleanup, we’re ready to tackle the biggest job or the smallest leak. Flood cleanup has to be taken care of the right way, and right away. So call now and put us to work for your home or business. You’ll be glad you did – we guarantee it!

Our air duct cleaning services can’t be beat. We get into every nook and cranny of your ventilation system to suction out all the unwanted dust, debris, dander and other harmful particles that threaten your health. Dryer vent cleaning is a pain on your own, and are you 100% sure you’ve gotten it as clean as it can be? With AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans, you’ll have the confidence that we’ve cleaned your ventilation system from attic to basement with the best techniques in the business.

AdvantaClean of Metro New Orleans is locally owned and operated. We show the same kind of Southern hospitality to our neighbors that we would want for our own families. Call us today!