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Case Studies

Dishwasher Leak & High Humidity Causes Mold
Crawlspace mold growth due to high moisture levels
Location: Washington Township, NJ 08080

A leaky dishwasher dripped down into the crawlspace of this Washington Township home, drawing attention to an area already riddled with mold due to high levels of humidity. Even though the crawlspace had a vapor barrier installed already, the relative humidity was just high enough to cause mold growth on the items being stored there. The discovery came during a home renovation and the contractor suggested the homeowner call AdvantaClean. Our team was able to remediate the extensive mold growth in both the kitchen under the dishwasher as well as the crawlspace, and install a dehumidifier to prevent the humidity causing problems again in the future. 

Repeated Flooding Causes Basement Mold
With mold growth due to flooding, health concerns abound
Location: Hainesport, NJ 08036
When repeated flooding of this Hainesport home caused mold growth, the owners had some health concerns since the lady of the house was expecting a baby soon. Fortunately they called AdvantaClean to perform the mold remediation, adhering to the standards and processes set forth by the IICRC, and painted an encapsulate on the cinder blocks to prevent the porous surface from being invaded by mold in the future. We then went a step further and performed a whole-home air duct cleaning and used an antimicrobial fog for good measure. The homeowners were then able to welcome their newborn with a mold-free home!

Humid Crawl Space Causes Mold Growth
Over 70% humidity in crawl space and attic causes mold growth
Location: Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Humid air in a crawl space isn't unusual, but the level of humidity is certainly something you want to monitor as a homeowner. This customer in Sicklerville was trying to sell her home when mold growth was spotted during the home inspection in her crawl space and attic. The ideal humidity level in a crawlspace is below 60%, but hers was at 74%! AdvantaClean was able to remediate the mold to help the home sell, and provided a proposal for moisture control solutions that she could pass on to the buyers to address once the sale is complete

Open Air Crawlspace In Bad Shape
Adding moisture control and encapsulation to crawlspace
Location: Washington Township. NJ
You definitely want proper ventilation in your crawlspace to keep moisture from accumulating, but too much cross breeze can blow in all sorts of debris and dust you don't want. This homeowner in Washington Township called AdvantaClean in to clear out all the old insulation and debris, then fully encapsulate the crawlspace with the AdvantaSeal system. We also added a dehumidifier to the area, to prevent future moisture concerns, and sealed the vents to prevent the situation from reoccurring. With these measures in place, the homeowner enjoyed a healthier and more efficient home!

New Home, Old Problems
Remediation When Mold Moves In First
Location: Mantua Township, NJ 08051
Purchasing a new home is exciting and does sometimes come with challenges upon ownership. A customer in Mantua Township purchased a home with past water damage that seemed to have been handled badly by another contractor, who had left behind affected drywall that started to mold. As houses sit on the market they are often un-air conditioned, raising the humidity level and encouraging further mold growth. Once the customer called AdvantaClean, we were able to remediate the mold damage and keep the spores from cross-contaminating the rest of the house. Since the room in question had a lot of personal items, the customer removed as much as possible and our team took additional care with the items that couldn’t be moved, covering them with our thick plastic sheeting. As mold spores became airborne by cutting out the moldy drywall, they fell on the plastic rather than the soft fabrics or surfaces of the furniture, and when the job was complete we wrapped it up carefully for disposal, leaving the room and its con

Prevent Pipes from Freezing
How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing in winter.
Location: Tri-State
AdvantaClean shows to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Save the Wine
Mold Remediation
Location: City, State
Faulty air conditioning unit and ground water leak from a neighbors lot resulted in gross contamination of this clients wine cellar. We were able to remediate the mold and save the WINE!

Kitchen Leak Causes Mold in Basement
Mold Remediation Affecting 2-Floors
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
A leak under the kitchen sink in this Cherry Hill home caused water to drip down into the basement, resulting in mold growth both in the kitchen cabinets and the room below. To properly remediate the mold, AdvantaClean was called in to remove the contaminated material, remediate, and prevent cross contamination. After remediation in the basement, our team carefully constructed a containment barrier around the area we needed to work in the kitchen. A containment barrier is important to keep mold spores from becoming airborne and traveling throughout the home, and can be tricky in rooms that need a very specific area blocked off vs the whole room. This was the case in the kitchen, but once the barrier was erected our team turned off the water to the kitchen sink, removed the moldy cabinets, and remediated the mold. We also cleaned the air duct system to ensure that any mold spores that traveled in before we arrived were eradicated as well.

Mold Remediation & Crawlspace Encapsulation
Crawlspace Clean Up
Location: Lumberton, NJ 08049
After performing our IICRC standard mold remediation, a full encapsulation system was installed to prevent moisture from rising up from the soil beneath the home, trapping it beneath a thick layer of plastic. By running it up the walls and sealing it, the humidity level in the crawlspace will be more manageable, aided further by the installation of the dehumidifier.

New Owner, Major Renovations
Pipe Leak, High Humidity
Location: Pennsauken, NJ 08110
When a home sits on the market and is unoccupied, it isn't uncommon to find that high levels of humidity have caused mold and mildew to grow. To make things more complicated, this home in Pennsauken Township also suffered a pipe leak within the walls causing a mold problem in the basement, living room, and entry way. Fortunately the homeowner contacted us and we were able to work with her contractor, remediating the mold during the extensive renovations. We sealed the wood beams with an encapsulate spray to prevent any future possible mold growth from compromising the structural integrity of the wall framework.

Mold Growth on Surfaces
Door Frames, Bathroom Area Affected
Location: Lumberton, NJ 08049
Apartment buildings and townhouses present a unique set of circumstances when there is a water damage or mold issue. Since mold can spread within shared walls, it is important property managers or owners to address it right away. To address an issue this complex had, AdvantaClean was called out to address some mold problems found during renovations due to high levels of humidity. Since the walls were open and floors up anyway, our team had clear access to the mold and were able to deliver a thorough remediation in a timely manner so that the construction could continue with little delay!

Pipe Leak in Basement
Undiscovered pipe leak causes mold growth
Location: Clarksboro, NJ 08020
When a pipe leak in the basement went undetected in this Clarksboro home, the additional moisture in a dark room was an instant recipe for mold growth. Over time the leak itself and the relative humidity in the room caused mold growth on the cinder blocks and the wooden joists on the ceiling above. Fortunately the customer called AdvantaClean and we were able to get in quickly to remediate. After sealing off the room from the rest of the house to avoid spreading the spores, we performed the IICRC certified mold remediation that we specialize in, finishing off with applying a protective encapsulate spray to the joists to prevent further damage.

Water Heater Leak, Subfloor Damage
Slow leak causes long term mold damage
Location: Penns Grove, NJ 08069
A slow leak from a water heater in the kitchen of this customer's home started to cause long term damage to the subfloor underneath. The result was compromised structural integrity of the floor and mold growth, which the customer was highly sensitive to. Fortunately it was just the floor that was a problem and it hadn't spread to the cabinets, so AdvantaClean was able to take up the flooring, dry it out, and then perform the standard remediation. Once the mold was out of the way, the flooring company was free to come in and get the home back to the way it should be!

Appliance Leak, Moldy Drywall
ppliance leak affects drywall, causing mold
Location: Evesham Township, NJ 08053
A finished basement is a great addition to a home, adding convenience and increasing utility of the space. Added features like appliances can also come with added maintenance, and when a refrigerator leaked in this Evesham Township home, the result was mold growth in the drywall. Since the basement was finished, our team had to take special care to remove and cover as much of the furniture and other items as possible. Doing so prevented the mold spores that went airborne during remediation from contaminating the rest of the room, reinforced by the air scrubbers we left for three days to ensure any airborne contaminants were removed.

Allergy Problems Identified Presence of Mold
Mold allergy detected mold in new home purchase
Location: Stratford, NJ 08084
An excited new homeowner soon discovered a problem with allergies when she moved into her new home. After a mold test, AdvantaClean discovered that there were elevated counts of mold spores in the basement, and with a bit of exploratory demolition we found the areas of mold growth. Though small, the mold affected the health of the homeowner so we remediated the basement right away, leaving her with a clean home!

Leaky Roof Pipe

Location: Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Problem: This customer called us due to the mold staining on her ceiling. Upon further investigation, we found a deteriorated rubber seal around a vent pipe that was running through the roof. It was leaking and causing mold growth in the attic that was spreading down through the ceiling of the home.

Solution: After fixing the seal to prevent further leaks, we removed all the moldy insulation and cut out the affected drywall in the ceiling. We then did a thorough mold remediation which includes using a HEPA filtered vacuum, antimicrobial solution, and wiping all surfaces. The process involves wiping and vacuuming three times each to make sure all the spores are removed, and running an air scrubber to keep them from spreading through the air.

pipe mold growth mold remediation

Cracked Drainpipe

Location: Voorhees Township, NJ 08043

Problem: A cracked drainpipe running through the wall of this customer's home proved to be the culprit of mold growing in the bedroom and kitchen. The plumber had fixed the pipe, but the mold still needed to be remediated, so he called in AdvantaClean!

Solution: We cut out the affected drywall and removed the moldy insulation. We also cut out the mold-riddled cabinets from the kitchen, exposing the mold beneath as well. Then we used our antimicrobial solution to kill the surface mold spores, wiped down the surrounding area to be sure spores hadn't settled elsewhere, all the while running an air scrubber to remove spores from the air itself. After carefully wiping and vacuuming all surfaces three times with our antimicrobial and HEPA filtered vacuum, we sprayed encapsulate on the wood beams to prevent future damage to the wall structure.

mold growth on cabinets mold growth mold growth under tile

Water In Crawlspace

Location: Woodbury, NJ 08096

Problem: This customer found standing water in her crawlspace when she went under the house to check on something else. When she realized there was a mold problem, she knew she needed help. Our AdvantaClean crew was working on her neighbor's house at the same time, so she asked us to come and take a look! We found that the sump pump had failed, which was what caused the puddling problem and therefore the mold.

Solution: Since there was so much water in the crawlspace, we came out and first pumped it out, then left a dehumidifier there over the weekend. When we came back it was still damp but much improved. We replaced the sump pump, installed a permanent dehumidifier, remediated the mold and graded the dirt floor.

Mold growth on wood crawlspace

Duct Cleaning & Antimicrobial Wipe Down

Location: Mantua, NJ 08051

Problem: When a building sits unused for years, chances are pretty good that some work will need to be done to it in order to make it habitable again. This customer called us in after another company had done some work to it previously for water damage problems, but she still had some concerns.

Solution: After a thorough inspection we were able to reassure the owner that while there was still some staining from water damage, the leaks did appear to have been stopped and there was no evidence of active mold growth in the condo. To give her peace of mind, we did an antimicrobial wipe-down of the surfaces and cleaned the air duct system to be sure there wasn't anything growing out of sight.

mold on wall mold remediation mold remediation

Home For Sale - High Humidity

Location: Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Problem: When this real estate company found elevated levels of humidity in the basement of a house they wanted to sell, they called in the experts to remediate the mold growing there. It was an empty home and otherwise ready for sale, so we get in quickly and started to work., standard remediation, empty home ready for sale, mainly surface mold and minor staining.

Solution: Fortunately the mold growth was mainly on the surface and resulted in minor staining on the walls. We did a thorough remediation, treated the staining, and did an air duct cleaning since the unit was located in the basement where the mold growth occurred. The humidity levels were taken care of by simply turning on the AC after our work was done.

Moldy insulation mold on wood mold

Moldy Ceiling In The Garage

Location: Woodbury, NJ 08096

Problem: This customer had a home inspection performed and found that the garage ceiling had mold on it from a previous leak in the roof. Since that is usually an issue for potential buyers, he called AdvantaClean to do the remediation.

Solution: We came out promptly to do a remediation of the mold on the ceiling. We cut out the affected drywall, fogged the interior and wiped down the surfaces with our antimicrobial solution. We then replaced the drywall and the garage was back to good order!

Mold in garage mold remediation

Shady Attic Grows Mold

Location: Waterford Works, NJ 08089

Problem: Mold can pose both structural problems and health concerns if left in a home. This customer was suffering from mold allergies and when we came to inspect, we found heavy mold in the attic and insulation. We find this most commonly on the side of the roof that gets the least amount of sun, so we know the common areas to investigate.

Solution: To remediate the mold, we pulled out 1800 sqft of insulation and then proceeded with our standard process for remediation. Using our HEPA filtered vacuums and antimicrobial solutions, we removed the mold spores from all contaminated surfaces. Then using our encapsulate, we created a barrier to prevent further mold damage in the future, leaving the home healthier and safer.

Mold in crawlspace

House On The Market With Mold

Location: Clementon, NJ 08021

Problem: In a real estate transaction, there are often times where multiple contractors are involved with getting a home ready for sale. This customer had a situation like that and discovered mold in the attic, as well as in the crawlspace.

Solution: AdvantaClean was called in to remediate the mold found in the attic, treating the beams and ceilings with our antimicrobial solutions. We also sprayed the attic thoroughly with encapsulate to prevent further mold damage from recurring. Once the mold was remediated from the crawlspace, we then put down a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from causing further damage in the future.

Mold damage to wood dirty crawlspace mold on wall mold growth

High Basement Humidity

Location: Wilmington, DE 19801

Problem: Mold grows from moisture, and moisture doesn't always mean a leak. A high level of humidity in this customer's basement provided ideal conditions for mold growth. Fortunately, they called us out to take care of the situation!

Solution: We used wire brushing to remove the surface mold from the cinder blocks, then wiped them down thoroughly with an antimicrobial solution. Since cinder blocks are porous, we also sprayed white encapsulate. This created a seal so that if mold was to return in the future, it would be easy to wipe off without causing structural damage. We also installed a dehumidifier to proactively maintain the level of humidity in the basement.

moldy basement basement damage

Dryer Vent Drip

Location: Deptford Township, NJ 08096

Problem: While most people are meticulous about cleaning the lint trap in dryers, the exhaust vent is sometimes put off or forgotten entirely. This customer had a vent on the roof of her condo and the vent cap had clogged up from the moisture and lint buildup in the pipe, resulting in decreased efficiency of the dryer and a potential hazard situation.

Solution: We had to cut the insulation around the pipe, drain the water that had built up in it, remove and replace the wet insulation, plus clean out the lint. This saved the homeowner a lot on potential water and mold damage in the future. While you don't need a dryer vent cleaning even annually for normal, residential use, it is good to get the service performed every few years and is often combined with cleaning air ducts.

dryer vent dryer vent