Cooking Fires and Smoke Odor Removal in Lancaster

Kitchen Smoke Odor Removal

Professional smoke odor removal in Lancaster after a cooking mishap can surprise you as it rapidly rises on your list of restoration needs. Unfortunately, property owners discover a routine cleanup in the kitchen is inadequate after a cooking fire produces protein-based residues. The damage seems minor, especially if you manage the crisis quickly with an extinguisher or fire blanket. However, despite your attempts at deep cleaning, the smell remains and is exceptionally unpleasant. Frustration increases as the odor source is invisible and the stench moves throughout your home.  

What Is Protein-Based Residue?

A kitchen flare-up may not feature much of the dark smoke typical of a household fire, yet the heat and flames do produce a protein-based "smoke" residue that settles on surfaces in the cooking area. The super-heated air propels these same residues and their horrible smell throughout your home without a visible trail. Protein-based smoke and its soot have the following characteristics:

  • They contain tiny particles of overcooked and dehydrated food and vaporized oils and grease.

  • They have a rancid or rotten smell from the chemical changes caused to the above organic materials by the high and persistent heat.

  • They develop into an incredibly fine mist that spreads quickly on hot air currents, attaching to appliances, counters, cabinets, floors, and more.

  • They can and will penetrate any porous materials encountered, including structures, furnishings, and personal property.

  • They are transparent on solid surfaces, thus hard for inexperienced property owners to see.

  • They stick tightly to items like a varnish, very difficult to loosen and dislodge.

Professional Protein-Based Smoke Odor Removal

Suddenly you realize the persistent rancid smell means that a "small' cooking mishap is no longer insignificant. The unique challenges of odor removal after a Lancaster kitchen fire need the skilled services of AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster. The protein-based residues and their offensive malodors require specialized removal techniques, tools, and products only certified technicians deliver. Our crews receive training in the best industry smoke odor removal practices from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Expect our team to implement this training as follows:

  • A whole house inspection identifies the locations of the specific protein-based smoke odor-bearing residues.

  • Experienced technicians evaluate the durability of surfaces and contents needing kitchen fire cleanup and restoration. The evaluation allows us to choose appropriate cleaning strategies while minimizing further damage.

  • Protein-based odor removal products and cleaners usually include solvents (oil-based, as the residue is essentially oily and responds best to that type of remover).

  • We often add abrasives in the form of grit mixed into the solvent or rough-edged tools to break the bond between the odor-bearing protein-based residue and surfaces.

What If Kitchen Smoke Odors Remain?

AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster turns to other smoke odor removal resources to banish the last traces of the rancid smells our customers experience. These approaches work by altering the foul-smelling chemical compounds in the protein-based residues, pairing with, breaking apart, or consuming the molecules that carry the stench:

  • Thermal fogging

  • Ozone machines

  • Hydroxyl generators

  • Enzyme treatments

According to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchens are the locations for nearly 49 percent of household fires. Prepared homeowners extinguish the fire quickly but afterward suffer from prolonged smoke odor issues. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster has trained and appropriately-equipped technicians, tools, and products to remove all smoke odors, including those persisting after a kitchen fire. Removal, unfortunately, requires more than routine cleaning because of the nature of protein-based residues typical after a cooking accident. 

AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster offers highly qualified technicians with cutting-edge tools, products, and equipment in our service area. Contact us at (803) 597-2022  to explore how we meet the unique challenges of protein-based smoke odor residues. 

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