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Case Studies

Case Study – High Point, NC – Mold Remediation
Location: High Point, NC

Location: High Point, NC


Problem: Client purchased a home and needed to have it thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in. This client has a high sensitivity to mold and the home they purchased had some mold growth.


Solution: A full mold remediation process was completed before the client moved into the house. In addition to removing all mold and cleaning the affected areas, an anti-microbial was also sprayed into the ducts to help clean up the air circulating in the space. The entire house was deeply cleaned to complete the job.


Mold Is Never a Minor Issue

If your first instinct is to take any mold you find in your home as a serious problem, you are correct. Even small amounts of mold can lead to negative health consequences, and small growths tend to turn into big ones when no action is taken. Mold remediation in High Point should always be handled promptly so the building can be safe to live in or work in once again.


So, why exactly should you take mold so seriously, even if the growth seems rather modest? Consider these points:


       Mold can cause many health issues. This is the most important point to keep in mind, as mold growing in your home (or in a commercial space) can have negative health impacts like headaches, fatigue, allergy symptoms, and more. If you or others in your home are feeling poorly and can’t pinpoint a cause, it could be that mold is to blame.


       Continued problems. Mold doesn’t just start growing for no reason – the conditions have to be right for that mold to start growing. So, if you spot some mold growing, it’s likely that more will continue to develop, as the conditions are already present. And, even if you only see a little bit of mold, there may be even more that is growing out of sight.


       Property damage. As mold continues to grow and spread through a building, it will be doing costly damage to that building. When the time comes to sell your property in the future, all of that damage will need to be addressed – and you’ll either spend a lot of money to fix it, or you’ll receive less when selling the property. Either way, mold can wind up being a very expensive problem, so it’s important to tackle this issue as promptly as possible to avoid losing money in the long run.


You don’t have to be dealing with a sensitivity to mold as was the situation for the client in this case study. Everyone is subject to the adverse effects of mold, so addressing this problem as quickly as possible with the help of professionals is your best choice.


The Right Pros for the Job

For the best mold removal in High Point, there is only one choice – turn to AdvantaClean of the Piedmont for great results, fair prices, and timely service. We understand the importance of completely eliminating mold growth and performing any remediation work that is required to eliminate the chance of the mold returning. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.